Bitcoin Is A Lucrative Speculative Investment for Juicy Returns

Wealth is built, not earned. The majority of wealthy people are either a tycoon who creates wealth from unethical resources or speculators. What we mean to say here is that speculation is more helpful to pile up wealth. Prediction is conjecture without firm evidence. Gambling or betting is unethical speculation. Investment in the stocks, forex, property, etc. in the hope of substantial gain is speculation, but it’s ethical.

What is bitcoin 222

In short, any investment, ethical or unethical, in which a person takes a high risk in the hope of multiple-time returns in a short period is speculation.


Speculators across the globe always look for new avenues that can help to build wealth. Though any speculative investment can bring high returns, cryptocurrency is something different.

Investment in Bitcoin is the latest in risky investments. Bitcoin is a multi-faceted revolution for modern investors. It is more than a financial investment and an innovative speculative tool for attractive returns.

Bitcoin investment is lucrative

Bitcoin entered into this world in 2009 as a new intangible currency, called cryptocurrency, but it had no investment aspect at that time. But in-depth knowledge about Bitcoin made it a lucrative form of investment.

After a decade of its existence, the investment potential of Bitcoin was realized when $1 investment in Bitcoin in 2009 turned into $90,000 by the end of last year. The returns are too massive for anyone to catch the attention of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is genuinely a multi-faceted revolution for juicy yields. While other speculative investments such as stocks, forex, commodities, gold, etc. can bring high returns, Bitcoin brings performances faster.

Why is Bitcoin lucrative?

Why is Bitcoin so lucrative? Bitcoin has a unique entity.

Satoshi Nakamura designed Bitcoin in 2009. His objective was to develop a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, allowing users to regain control over transactions without third-party intervention, usually a bank.

Bitcoin is the same for all its users without a Bitcoin leader. It is based on a decentralized, trustless, and permissionless electronic cash system secured by the miners with the blockchain network’s computing power. The validation of transactions within the blockchain is entirely secured and anonymous.

Bitcoin as a currency and as an investment

Bitcoin has dual advantages, as a currency and as an investment. It is a secured currency and a significant investment. It is specially designed for transfer and exchange while maintaining secrecy between the two parties involved.

As an investor, one can have the following superb advantages of Bitcoin:

  • Inflation occurs in real-world (fiat) currencies when prices of products and services increase in an economy that decreases money value. Still, Bitcoin is a deflationary currency, the supply of which is restricted under a protocol. Bitcoin is thus not going to hurt its owners.
  • The risk of fraud is eliminated in Bitcoin exchange or transfer because the users have control without third-party intervention. The keys of the electronic Bitcoin wallet are in the hands of its users. Being a decentralized currency, the users also have no risk of freezing their accounts by the government.
  • Bitcoin is not minted by the government and transacted through a banking system, the profits made in Bitcoin investments are not taxed, and it is free from national monetary policies.
  • The Bitcoin users are comfortable using this currency because of its convenient usability and functionality.
  • Bitcoin traders enjoy the advantage of low transaction fees. The introduction of the Lightning Network drastically reduced fees required on Bitcoin transactions.
  • Pragmatically unbreachable wallets used for Bitcoin storage allows the users to make uninterrupted secured transactions of this currency. Anonymity is maintained as the wallet address is not disclosed to anyone, including the government authority.

Wrap up

What should be your opinion about Bitcoin? From the above discussion, one can understand why Bitcoin is a lucrative digital currency and why people invest in this cryptocurrency.

Just adhering to conventional speculative investments cannot yield juicy returns. It’s the time to switch-over to Bitcoin investment to pile up wealth and make your life comfortable through luxurious living.

Everyone has a dream to become a wealthy person in this world. The award-winning trading app is available to turn your vision into reality. Bitcoin is waiting for potential investors. You can be the one amongst them. Bitcoin investment is not going to frustrate you.

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