All you need to know about bitcoin trading and its trading bots

In recent days, it has been seen that there is a huge demand for bitcoins because of their increasing price. Bitcoin mining is done by nodes that are the same as any normal computer except these come with customized high-performance hardware systems design to make transaction processing (aka mining) faster and more efficient. Bitcoin nodes are full bitcoin clients which hold a complete copy of the public ledger (blockchain).

Cryptocurrency is a form of payment that can be exchanged online for goods and services. Many companies have issued their own currencies, often called tokens, and these can be traded specifically for the good or service that the company provides. Think of them as you would arcade tokens or casino chips.

As more individuals began mining, competition rose, and overall hashing power for the bitcoin network climbed. As a result, the complexity level has risen to the point that any transaction now takes significantly longer than previously. Each block contains a record of some or all recent transactions, as well as a reference to the block that came before it.

The blockchain is one of two structures that contribute to bitcoin’s security; the other is the public-key encryption mechanism on which bitcoin is built. It is feasible for many machines to compute identical hashes. This is known as a “hash collision,” and it is the foundation of how bitcoin mining works.

Bitcoin mining: To mine any block, a large amount of computing power is required, making it difficult for a person or even a group of individuals to mine blocks individually. This is where bitcoin mining comes in. In layman’s terms, bitcoin mining is the process of discovering a new block.

Bitcoin trading: We now understand how mining works and how blocks are created. When a miner discovers a new block, it generates extra bitcoins, which are eventually deposited into their wallet. Bitcoin mining refers to the process of discovering new blocks by miners all around the world. During this process, they are also awarded a portion of the transaction fees, which are rewarded by the protocol, thus the name “bitcoin trading.”

Bitcoin trading bot (aka bitcoin trading software):

We now understand what mining and bitcoin trading are all about. However, there is another side of the story. Many people choose to purchase bitcoins and trade with them rather than mine them. This is where a bitcoin trading bot may help. It is just software that runs on your PC and executes trades for you depending on the strategy you choose. When properly set, the program becomes extremely profitable for its users. However, please keep in mind that, like any other tool, mastering the skill of a bitcoin trading bot takes time and experience.

Any application or software may be utilized as a bitcoin trading bot if it adheres to the proper regulations.

Any application or software can be utilized as a bitcoin trading bot if it conforms to the procedures outlined below. The best way to utilize this program is to test it on historical data first. This ensures that once you begin using the program, it will generate money rather than lose it.

As we all know, a bitcoin trading bot is just software that sticks to the rules and makes transactions on your behalf depending on those criteria. We may also say that you specify a set of rules for buying and selling bitcoins, and this program will obey those rules when you signal that you want to purchase or sell bitcoins.

Optimal use for this software is testing on historical data first.

The two most important things to define before using bitcoin trading bots are:

  • Entry rules
  • Exit rules

Entry rules: these are the set of rules which tells about the time to buy bitcoins. These rules can be based on various parameters such as,

  • When bitcoin price reaches a certain level above the latest high price which was recorded in the history of your market.
  • When bitcoin price falls below a certain level and also crosses over a moving average.

Please note that, many advanced users even makes their own custom entries rules based on the market conditions.

Exit rules: these are the set of rules which tells about the time to sell bitcoins and take profits. These again can be based on various parameters such as,

  • When bitcoin price reaches a certain level above latest high price which was recorded in your market history.
  • When bitcoin price falls below a certain level and also cross below the moving average.
  • When bitcoin price reaches a fixed limit which is defined by you.


This two set of entry rules and exit rules defines your trading strategy for buying or selling bitcoins. As we know, bitcoin has become very volatile in past few years and hence it has become the hot favorite for all day traders to make money with bitcoin trading.

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