Bitcoin trading tips – Five key considerations

Bitcoin trading is on the rise and while investors cannot really predict the price swings, there are some tips and tricks that ensure good returns for them. Over the years, traders have successfully identified methods, rules, and patterns that have brought them profits. The truth is it would be naïve to think that investing in Bitcoins or any other crypto coins for that matter can make you rich overnight. The goal for a trader is to ensure a positive balance at the end, even though he may have to suffer quite a few setbacks to get there.

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5 Key Considerations When Trading Bitcoins:

  1. Analysis:

People follow two key methods when analyzing Bitcoin price movements; namely, technical and fundamental analysis. The latter tries to look at the big picture and predicts prices by evaluating Bitcoin-related news, news of the crypto industry, crypto regulations, and technical developments related to Bitcoin, like the Lightning Network.

So, if any country tries to prohibit Bitcoin transactions, it would possibly lead to a price decline. But the technical analysis will predict price changes by evaluating market statistics like past trade volumes and prices. So, according to technical analysis, price movements will determine future prices, no matter what is happening in the crypto world. For good trades, it is better to follow a mix of both methodologies.

  1. The pace of trading:

When trading Bitcoins one has to remember that crypto trades take place 24×7. The challenge is therefore to set a routine that is sustainable in the long term. You may be tempted to sit in front of the computer screens day and night for fear of missing out on lucrative trading opportunities.

This will only lead to exhaustion and subpar performances. It is not possible to conduct profitable trades all the time; rather, you should aim to trade at specific times and spend the remaining period doing other activities, like spending time with the family.

Automated trading apps like bitcoin code are driven by unique algorithms that execute huge volumes of trade autonomously saving the time and effort of the traders.

  1. Implementing stop-loss orders:

If you wish to trade Bitcoins properly, you have to know when to implement stop loss and take profit orders. The crypto market is characterized by volatility and price fluctuations are rampant. Those investors or traders who are willing to take risks can adjust to this. However, regardless of whether you are using cash, Bitcoin Futures, or CFDs, you must use stop-loss orders. While price swings can indicate profits, they can also turn out to be catastrophic.

  1. Using prudent leverage:

Leverage can help you make more money, but it can also amplify your losses. When you use excess leverage it may lead to reckless money management; you will probably burn out your trading account soon. At the same time, if you use very little leverage, it can also be counterproductive. It will hamper your trade performance because the premium trades will not be able to give you the maximum returns.

The easiest rule to follow is the 3% rule where a maximum of 3% of your trade account can be allotted for a trade. By doing this you can ensure that risks and rewards are properly aligned.

  1. Staying updated:

Finally, to trade Bitcoins, you must stay informed about whatever is happening around you. Major news outbreaks can impact price movements. For instance, new government regulations in any country banning Bitcoins or hacking news of any crypto exchange can swings prices significantly. So, it is advisable to monitor a news feed for staying updated if you wish to trade Bitcoins.

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