Got a Blown Engine? Here’s What you can do with it

Several things can cause a broken or a blown engine. In most cases, problems with car engines are caused by oil levels being too low. A failure of the cooling system is another common reason. No matter what the reason is, an engineless car or one with engine issues doesn’t sound like a great deal. Will you be able to sell it? Of course not.

Blownn engine image 33333The best you can do is find a good mechanic and try to fix your problems or maybe change it, but then, both the options will cost you a fortune. So, what can you do with a car whose engine has blown? Well, read on.

How do you know your car’s engine is no more?

You will know your car’s engine is just done with this life when your repair bills end up costing more than you initially bought the car for. A car’s engine can be repaired only in certain circumstances, so, before you decide to get it fixed or put it to rest, do spend some money to get a diagnosis.

Primary symptoms of an engine failure are loss of power and a decrease in speed or power. In most cases, it will make a lot of noise. You may also hear some metallic, rattling click-like sounds. If you experience any of this, right in the middle of the traffic, lift your foot off the clutch. It releases oil in the cylinder and lubricates it. You will be able to lower the engine temperature for a while, which will give you a window to take your car out of the traffic to a mechanic’s workshop.

Some problems with the engine can be fixed, and you may as well extend your car’s life by a few years with the help of an experienced mechanic. However, in some cases, it is simply not worth the time and money. So, take your vehicle for a thorough diagnosis, which does not cost much, after which you will have a much better idea of how to proceed.

How to Handle a Seized Engine car?

An engine seizure can affect different parts of the engine such as the crankshaft, pistons, bearings, the cylinder head, etc. A car with a seized engine cannot move an inch: it will have to be towed to the nearest or your preferred garage. The mechanic will then remove the engine from the vehicle and will, if possible, repair it.

Blown engine - car breakdown image 493992What Causes Engine Seizure?

The most common cause of an engine seizure is trouble between the piston and the cylinder. In such cases, the seizure happens in the upper part of the cylinder. This section is where the temperature is very high.

Engine seizure may also occur because of:

Bad Lubrication – this happens when an engine loses engine oil because of leakage, or you simply have not checked the oil for a very long time. This is by far the most common cause of engine trouble.

Inadequate Cooling – a low water level in the engine or breakdown in the cooling system can result in poor cooling, which in turn can seriously damage the engine of your vehicle.

Compression Segment Failure – the engine gets damaged when the lubricant breaks down because of the heat or gets ignited.

Imbalance of the connecting rods – when there is an imbalance in the connecting rods of the crankshaft, the cylinder wears out one side of the piston more than the other. This causes the engine to seize.

As already discussed, some issues behind a seized engine are easy to fix while others may cost you a fortune. If you are not willing to spend heavily on spare parts and other repair requirements, you need to consider trading your vehicle for another.

Can You Replace Your Car’s Engine?

Car engines are replaceable, but they are not easy to find. To replace your dead engine with a good one, you will have to find the same make and model, or at least a compatible engine that will fit under your hood and give the needed amount of power to your vehicle.

Spare engines can be purchased from scrap dealers or engine rebuilders. It might be worth getting in touch with the manufacturer of your vehicle. They might be able to help you out.

Can You Sell a Car with a Blown Engine?

Yes, you most certainly can. People who buy dead cars, do them up, and then sell them might be interested in buying yours. You could also sell it to a junk car dealer in your area. Junk car dealers buy vehicles in any condition and offer upfront cash. They do not care much about what your car has or what is missing; they are only interested in the metal value. People pay good money for scrap metal; how much may surprise you when somebody makes an offer.

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