Blue Guardian Capital Review – Is It Legit?

Welcome to our comprehensive Blue Guardian Capital Review, where we look into the intricacies of this prop trading firm, uncovering its pros & cons. If you aspire to become a prop trader this review will equip you with all the insights you need to make an informed decision about Blue Guardian Capital and how it aligns with your individual trading goals. Let’s dive in and explore the offerings of this prop trading firm in detail.

What Is Blue Guardian Capital?

While Blue Guardian Capital’s primary focus is forex trading, they offer a diverse array of tradable assets, including cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, and gold. The leverage is determined by the asset traded, with a maximum of 1:100. 

Founded in 2019, the company initially provided forex signals and educational services before venturing into machine learning and quantitative analysis for forex tech companies. In 2021, they made a significant move by introducing their Prop Firm Evaluations. The goal is to provide equal opportunities for all traders to become funded, irrespective of their forex trading style.

Led by co-founders Sean Bainton and Eric Gairns, Blue Guardian Capital is dedicated to fostering an environment characterized by honesty, transparency, and security. Their team comprises experienced traders who truly understand the challenges and potential within the prop firms space, ensuring a platform that nurtures traders’ growth and success.

How Does Blue Guardian Capital Work? 

Blue Guardian Capital functions as a prop firm with a two-step evaluation process and four account sizes to choose from. The evaluation requires a minimum of 8 days for phase one and 60 days for phase two, with profit targets set at 6% for both stages and a 4% daily loss limit. 

Successful traders receive funding, an 85% profit split, and potential scaling up. They offer two account types: Unlimited Guardian and Elite Guardian, each with specific trading conditions and leverage levels. Guardian Traders can earn up to 85% of their profit without the pressure of meeting specific profit targets. 

Pricing and Account Sizes

Blue Guardian Capital offers four different account sizes to accommodate traders with varying financial needs. They also allow the option of combining multiple accounts, creating a potential total of up to $600,000. 

For traders looking to scale up further, Blue Guardian Capital provides a growth plan that allows them to reach an impressive $1,800,000. To qualify for scaling up, traders must achieve a 12% profit within a four-month period. Now, let’s take a look at their pricing structure for each account size.

  • Unlimited Guardian Account Fees:
    • $10,000 account: $87
    • $25,000 account: $187
    • $50,000 account: $297
    • $100,000 account: $497
    • $200,000 account: $947
  • Elite Guardian Account Fees:
    • $10,000 account: $120
    • $25,000 account: $240
    • $50,000 account: $370
    • $100,000 account: $570
    • $200,000 account: $1090

Blue Guardian Capital Review: The Pros & Cons


  • Blue Guardian Capital offers two account types catering to diverse trading needs.
  • The platform provides a broad selection of trading instruments, including currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, and gold.
  • Traders can enjoy high flexibility in the trading timeframe, allowing them to trade at their preferred pace.
  • Partners enjoy complete freedom in their choice of trading strategies. They can opt for scalping, hedging, news trading, or even utilize expert advisors to enhance their trading decisions.
  • EAs & Trade Copiers are permitted, facilitating automated trading strategies.
  • Guardian Protector tool assists traders in risk management.
  • Funded traders benefit from an attractive 85% profit split, providing strong incentives for profitability.
  • Traders have the convenience of bi-weekly payouts, ensuring easier access to their earnings.
  • The platform allows news trading, enabling traders to capitalize on market events.


  • The leverage for cryptocurrency trading is restricted, which could limit potential gains for some traders.
  • The Elite Guardian account carries higher fees, which might be too expensive for traders with smaller budgets.
  • While prompt technical support is available, the lack of a call center may limit communication options for some traders.
  • Although the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is reliable and convenient, it may not be the preferred choice for all traders.
  • Withdrawals are limited to once every two weeks, which may not be ideal for traders requiring more frequent access to their funds.

Final Thoughts

Blue Guardian Capital stands out as a reputable and promising prop trading firm that offers a range of opportunities for traders to pursue their trading ambitions. With two distinct account types and multiple funding options, traders can find a suitable choice that aligns with their preferences and risk tolerance. 

The platform’s emphasis on realistic profit targets, innovative risk management tools, and a generous 85% profit split for funded traders make it an attractive choice for those seeking the best funded stock trading accounts. The diverse selection of trading instruments, including cryptocurrencies, further adds to the appeal.

If you’re a trader looking to become a part of a reputable and dynamic prop trading community, Blue Guardian Capital could be the ideal choice for your trading aspirations. Don’t miss this opportunity; take the first step towards success and explore the possibilities with Blue Guardian Capital. Click here to start your journey as a funded trader and unlock your full potential in the world of trading.