Blue Light Glasses May Improve Sleep and Productivity

Anyone who has ever struggled with eye strain, dry eyes, or fatigue during the day will likely have come across the concept of blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are a great solution for several eye-related conditions as they block the harmful blue light that is emitted from most screens. This harmful blue light can affect the quality of your sleep, decrease your productivity levels, and have a surprising effect on other aspects of your health.

With the world spending an increasingly larger amount of time in front of screens, the time has now come for most people to take action before the harmful effects of blue light become permanent.

Reducing Screen Time is Not Always an Option

Unfortunately, it is normally not really possible to reduce one’s screen time as most of us need to spend at least 8 hours per day in front of a screen to earn a living.

Furthermore, many people enjoy watching television in the evenings, making it near impossible to reduce screen time without it affecting our lifestyles. If you consider all of the above, in addition to the amount of time we enjoy spending on our smartphones on social media platforms, gaming, and other sites, it is no wonder that a lot of our waking hours is spent being exposed to blue light.

The good news is that blue light glasses can mitigate the harmful effects of blue light, as well as improving our sleep and productivity levels.

Blue Light Disrupts your Sleep Cycle

Most people will suffer from at least one bout of insomnia in their lifetime and this is often caused by having too much screen time too close to bedtime.

Blue light has a disastrous effect on our circadian rhythms. The human circadian rhythm is responsible for regulating the sleep/wake cycle in the body and, when this is disputed, we can experience sleepless nights, loss of productivity, fatigue, and more during the next day.

Of course, you could always make a point of not spending time in front of a screen in the evenings but, for most people, this is not possible. It is for this reason that you should definitely consider a good pair of blue light blocking glasses when the sun goes down.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has Made us More Dependent on Blue Light Emitting Screens.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has meant that people throughout the world are spending even more time in front of screens, whether they be smartphones or tablets to remain in touch with loved ones, or laptop screens to work or attend virtual meetings.

Schoolchildren and students are also now spending more time in front of screens and this means that they are being exposed to blue light from a record young age.

As we become more dependent on our devices, we need to take special care that the negative effects of blue light do not affect our health and wellbeing. Blue light blocking glasses can help with this and should be worn not only in the evenings but also during the day if possible.

Wearing Blue Light Glasses in the Evenings

If you find yourself feeling tired during the day due to a lack of sleep the previous night, blue light glasses could help you a great deal.

Scientific research has revealed that the blue light from computer screens, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and TV screens is detrimental to one’s health and can have a severe impact on your sleep patterns. This means that even though you may feel tired when you go to bed, you might be unable to actually fall asleep because your circadian rhythm has been disrupted.

To stop yourself from going into an endless cycle of sleeplessness at night and fatigue, low energy levels, and diminished productivity the next day, you can try wearing a pair of good quality blue light blocking glasses to help your natural cycle get back to normal.

Ocushield’s blue light glasses are particularly effective and may help you to sleep better at night and work more efficiently the next day.

Once you discover how blue light blocking glasses can help you to improve the quality of your sleep, you will make sure that you always wear them as soon as the sun goes down.

A Good Night’s Sleep Can Benefit Employees and Improve your Bottom Line

Any employer is always looking for ways in which to improve productivity and increase their bottom line.

Unfortunately, since employees are experiencing more and more harmful effects from blue light-emitting devices, they often do not sleep as well as they should and, consequently, do not perform to the best of their abilities during the day at work.

While employers cannot control how well their employees sleep, they can offer them a convenient solution: blue light blocking glasses.

With just a small investment in blue light blocking glasses for their employees, companies have a cost-effective way to improve productivity.

After a short period of their staff complement wearing blue light blocking glasses, employers can expect to see a marked improvement in energy levels, mood, productivity, efficiency, and overall health in their employees.

When employers discover the wonderful benefits of blue light blocking glasses, they are amazed as there is no other intervention for productivity that costs as low as a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

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