Board Printing Company’s Take on Why Choose Foamex Board for Construction Site Hoardings

Are you in need of sturdy and reliable hoardings for your construction site? Look no further than Foamex boards! Foamex is a high-quality, lightweight, and durable material that has gained popularity in the construction industry for its versatile applications. In this article, we will explore why Foamex boards are the ideal choice for your construction site hoarding needs, including their durability, versatility, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness.

Discover how foamex board can provide a safe and reliable solution for your construction site hoarding requirements while also delivering a professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Say goodbye to subpar hoardings and choose Foamex boards for your construction site hoarding needs!

What are Foamex Boards?

Expanded polyvinyl chloride (PVC), sometimes known as foamex boards or PVC foam boards, is a form of rigid sheet material. They are designed to have a lightweight, closed-cell structure, which gives them a special blend of sturdiness, adaptability, and usability. Because of their exceptional qualities, foamex boards are frequently utilised in a variety of industries, including construction, advertising, signage, and displays.

In order to create gas bubbles inside the material, foaming agents are commonly added to PVC resin before the PVC is extruded to create foamex boards. The resulting foam is then compressed, chilled, and smoothed to create a solid, rigid sheet. Foamex boards’ thickness can range from a few millimetres to several centimetres depending on the intended use.

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Why Should You Use Foamex Board?

For several compelling reasons, foamex boards, also known as PVC foam boards, are a great option for hoardings on building sites. The top ten reasons Foamex boards are the finest choice for hoarding on building sites are examined here.


Foamex boards are extremely robust and can endure the harsh conditions seen on construction sites. They are perfect for outdoor applications since they are resistant to dampness, UV radiation, and other weather conditions. Foamex boards have a long lifespan and require little upkeep because they do not warp, rot, or corrode.


Foamex boards are lightweight and thus are easy to transport, handle, and install. This makes them an ideal choice for construction sites where quick and hassle-free installation is crucial.


Foamex boards are highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of construction site hoarding applications. They can be easily cut, drilled, and shaped to meet specific requirements, making them adaptable to various site conditions and layouts.

Ease of Installation

Foamex boards are easy to install, making them a cost-effective choice for construction site hoardings. They can be easily fixed to posts or frames using nails, screws, or adhesives. Their lightweight nature also makes installation faster and more convenient.


Foamex boards can be customised to suit your construction site hoarding needs. They can be printed with company logos, branding, or other graphics to enhance the professional appearance of the hoardings and promote your construction project.


Foamex boards are fire-resistant, making them a safe choice for construction site hoardings. They have a high ignition point and do not contribute to the spread of flames, ensuring increased safety at your construction site.


Foamex boards require minimal maintenance, saving you time and effort in the long run. They do not require painting or sealing and can be easily cleaned with mild detergents and water, making them a practical and cost-effective choice for construction site hoardings.


Foamex boards are cost-effective compared to other materials used for construction site hoardings. They are affordable, durable, and require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-efficient option for hoarding panels at your construction site.

Environmentally Friendly

Foamex boards are environmentally friendly as they are made from PVC, which is a recyclable material. This makes them a sustainable choice for construction site hoardings, reducing the environmental impact of your construction project.

Professional Appearance

Foamex boards provide a professional and polished appearance to your construction site hoardings. They offer a smooth and clean surface that can be easily printed with graphics, ensuring a sleek and attractive look that enhances the overall image of your construction project.

Foamex boards are an excellent choice for construction site hoardings due to their durability, versatility, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness. They are lightweight, fire-resistant, and low-maintenance, making them a safe and practical option for your construction project. Foamex boards are also customisable, environmentally friendly, and provide a professional appearance, making them a preferred choice for construction site hoardings. Invest in Foamex boards for your construction site hoarding needs and enjoy the benefits of a reliable, durable, and visually appealing solution.

Summing Up!

Foamex boards are an excellent choice for construction site hoardings due to their numerous advantages, including lightweight, durability, versatility, and ease of customisation. With their ability to withstand weather elements, impact resistance, and dimensional stability, Foamex boards provide a reliable solution for enclosing construction sites and ensuring safety, security, and visual control.

As a trusted board printing company, we offer top-quality Foamex board printing services with a wide range of printing options, including digital printing, screen printing, and vinyl lettering. Our team of experts can assist with design, printing, and fabrication to create custom Foamex boards that are tailored to your construction site hoarding needs. With our state-of-the-art printing technology and commitment to customer satisfaction, Board Printing Company delivers exceptional results that enhance your construction site hoardings’ visual impact and effectiveness.

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