Body & Team Leasing IT Services 

Body or Team Leasing presents itself as the optimal choice for businesses that prioritize adaptability and seek to bridge the expertise gaps in their teams by collaborating with knowledgeable professionals. So, what exactly do these services entail, and how does Euvic excel in providing them?

What is IT Leasing, & Why is it Worth It? 

In the realm of information technology, “body leasing” refers to the practice of temporarily renting out skilled workers. This arrangement allows organizations to access valuable support without the hassle of undergoing a complex recruitment process. Instead, they can rely on the professionalism and experience offered by the specialist-providing company. 

Moreover, customers who utilize leasing services are almost guaranteed to find the most suitable employee who seamlessly aligns with their requirements. The intermediary firm possesses a comprehensive understanding of the candidates’ qualifications, enabling them to precisely match the client’s needs with an ideal programmer profile. 

Furthermore, there is an even more comprehensive service known as “Team Leasing,” which allows the employment of multiple professionals rather than just one. This approach grants access not only to highly skilled front- and back-end developers but also to additional team members, such as product managers.

Employee And Business Synergy 

Opting for a leasing service comes with numerous advantages. For instance, if a company, let’s say a software development firm, intends to outsource certain labor, body leasing proves instrumental in smoothing out the inevitable fluctuations in project volume. As a result, businesses can maintain flexible staffing levels and minimize the costs and risks associated with project failures. 

Leased workers also benefit significantly from this arrangement. Each expert enjoys the freedom to select the business they wish to work for and the projects they desire to advance. This symbiotic relationship allows suppliers to offer their staff stability and growth prospects, which prove beneficial for both the supplier and the client.

No Additional Charges 

Contrary to traditional hiring practices involving contracts, which entail numerous extra expenditures like providing tools, a pleasant workplace, and opportunities for advancement, IT leasing falls under the umbrella of “payroll plus” arrangements. 

This means that the client is relieved of any additional costs. They are only responsible for the hours worked and have no obligations in case of absence due to illness or vacation. The buyer doesn’t have to concern themselves with improving the developer’s working environment, paying taxes, or making social security contributions.


With the assistance of Euvic, businesses have the freedom to hire a single IT expert or an entire team, depending on their specific project requirements. Euvic manages the entire hiring and onboarding process, from sourcing qualified candidates to ensuring their continued employment. By entrusting them with the operational details, you can focus entirely on running your business.

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