Bonuses That Can Be Found in Modern Online Casinos

Bonuses are a key aid for players when playing at an online casino like 12Play. A good bonus will always allow you to have a better online gambling journey than other players. They can help you during the most difficult time of your gambling game, give you more luck, thus improving your chances of winning, and making your online casino experience more interesting.

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Types of Bonuses

As long as online casinos are popular, so will be the bonuses, and the variety of bonuses introduced to attract players will also increase. Too many types of bonuses may confuse you and prevent you from making good use of the bonus in your gambling game. You may just pass by your big prize at the moment. That is why understanding casino bonuses is important for every online player if you want to play in the best online casino Malaysia.

Let’s find out what kind of bonuses a modern online casino will offer to its players!

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus is a great way for every new player to get started in a new online casino, and it is also a bonus that should be focused on. It is a reward for every newly registered member. As long as you meet the wagering requirements, you can easily claim it.

If the casino has a wide variety of games, players have the opportunity to find different types of welcome bonuses that can be applied to different games on their promotion page. However, the disadvantage of this bonus is that each player can only claim it once.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonus is one of the motivations for you to stay in the online casino and continue gambling. The deposit bonus is an additional percentage of your deposit amount. You are eligible to claim it whenever you meet the wagering requirements. Welcome bonus is also a type of deposit bonus. The difference between these two is that welcome bonus can only be claimed once, while the deposit bonus will always be there.

Referral Bonus
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Referral bonus is a bonus offered by online casinos for existing players to attract new players. As long as you successfully invite your friends or family members to register and make deposits at their online gambling site, you and your referred friends can get a lucrative bonus. The more new players you refer, the more referral bonuses you get.

Free Spin Bonus

Are you a fan of slot machines? If yes, then you have to know about this bonus. Free spin bonus allows you to play more additional rounds on your favourite slot machine, let you to spin your reel a few more times, thereby increasing your chances of winning. Free spins are available as different features, such as re-spin, wild symbol, multiplier, and more. Each of these features will be able to bring you different surprises.


Although it is not easy to meet the wagering requirements, casino bonuses are the only good helper that allows you to get more chances of winning in online casinos. If you can choose and use wisely, you will be able to get a wonderful experience in your online gambling journey.