BookMap Review

As a frequent trader, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and tools that can help to enhance your trading strategy. One of the most innovative trading platforms on the market today is BookMap. This cutting edge platform offers a number of features that can help traders gain an edge in their investments and make smarter, more informed decisions in the markets. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer in this BookMap review!

Visual Representation of Market Activity 

One of the most useful features on BookMap is its ability to provide a visual representation of market activity. The platform allows users to view real-time market data as it occurs. This helps traders have a better understanding of how price movements impact the market. 

BookMap uses a color-coded heat map that highlights the concentration and level of liquidity in different areas of the market. This helps traders know when to enter or exit trades based on where there is the most activity in the markets. 

Advanced Order Flow Analysis 

BookMap also offers advanced order flow analysis tools that can give traders an advantage when making investment decisions. These tools allow users to track order flow and see how various trading strategies might be impacted by different order types. 

By tracking orders as they are placed, traders can better gauge how their investments might be affected by these different types of orders. This can help them make more informed decisions about when to enter or exit trades. 

Historical Replay Feature 

Another great feature that BookMap offers is its historical replay feature. This allows users to go back in time and replay past market sessions so they can analyze what happened during those particular times. 

This is an invaluable tool for any trader looking to gain insight into how certain strategies will play out in different market conditions. By studying past price movements, traders can better understand how certain events can impact their investments and plan their future trades accordingly. 

Real-Time Alerts 

BookMap also provides users with real-time alerts in order to keep them up-to-date on the latest developments in the markets. These alerts will let traders know whenever something significant happens so they don’t miss any opportunities or key information that could affect their investments. Alerts can be customized to fit each trader’s individual needs, so they can stay informed while still having control over what information they are receiving. 

Automated Trading Strategies 

The platform also allows users to utilize automated trading strategies if they choose to do so. These strategies allow traders to set up parameters for when they would like their investments to be executed automatically so they don’t have to manually keep an eye on the markets all day long. Not only does this save time, but it also ensures that trades are executed correctly without any mistakes being made due to human error. 

Is BookMap right for you?

BookMap is best suited for active day traders who are looking to gain an edge in their investments. The platform’s combination of features can help traders better understand the markets and make smarter, more informed decisions when it comes to their trades. 

Its visual representation of market activity, advanced order flow analysis tools, historical replay feature, real-time alerts, and automated trading strategies allow traders to optimize their strategies and increase their chances of success in the markets. With BookMap, active traders of all levels can gain a better understanding of the markets and develop a more effective trading plan.

BookMap is not ideal for beginner traders who are just starting off as the platform does require some level of knowledge about the markets and trading in general. It might be overwhelming for those who are just beginning to learn about the stock market and would be better suited if they started out with a simpler platform before moving onto BookMap.

BookMap Pricing

The Digital Free plan provides free delayed market data access for crypto. It is compatible with some add-ons and allows for viewing of up to 20 trading symbols at once. Free users can also utilize Heatmaps, Volume sots, CVD & Volume Profile columns. 

The Digital Plus plan is $19/month and provides the same services as the Digital Free plan but allows for up to 3 add-ons and viewing of up to 20 symbols at once. One-click trading for crypto, record / replay, VWAP, POC, Price Levels, and Cross BBO features are all unlocked with this plan. 

The Global plan is $49/month and provides access to stocks, futures, and crypto with data required for each market. It is compatible with all add-ons and allows for up to 10 symbols to be viewed simultaneously. In addition to all of the features provided in Digital Plus, users also have access to liquidation indicators. 

The Global Plus plan is $99/month and provides the same features as the Global plan with allowance of up to 20 symbols viewed simultaneously. All add-ons are compatible with this plan. The Global Plus plan features exclusive benefits like LLT, Strength Level, Imbalance, Absorption, DOM Pro, and Execution Pro. 

Final Thoughts

BookMap is certainly one of the most innovative and cutting edge platforms on the market today. Its combination of visual representations, advanced order flow analysis tools, historical replay feature, real-time alerts, and automated trading strategies all help traders gain an edge in their investments and increase their chances of success in the markets. Whether you’re a beginner day trader or an experienced investor, BookMap is definitely worth checking out! Click here to check it out today.

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