Books Every Forex Trader Should Read

More and more people are looking for entry points into the foreign exchange market, and more are investing daily. You should not risk your money in the foreign exchange market based solely on what you have “heard.”

Many novice traders get their start in the forex market by reading books. You’ve come to the right place if you’d like to understand how to read these books and comprehend the information they contain.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 forex trading books for you to learn from and enjoy the best trading journey ever!

The Complete TurtleTrader (Michael Covel)

Even if you’re not a bookworm, “The Complete TurtleTrader” is an engaging introduction to the world of trading. The book follows a trader who wagers that anyone can become a successful trader with the right strategy. Those who followed him earned the nickname “turtles” (hence, the title).

In the book, many turtles are based on real people who became powerful or wealthy traders. This book explains the methods for trading with the trend.

The Little Book of Currency Trading (Kathy Lien)

Compared to technical analysis, which uses factors like market sentiment and company announcements to forecast price movement, the fundamental analysis presented in this book is more grounded in reality.

One of the benefits of this book is its conversational tone, which complements the forex strategies presented.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you read this book to gain insight into the mind and actions of a seasoned expert in the field. For accurate fundamental analysis, up-to-date market information is essential so do catch up with forex news on Brokersview.

The New Market Wizards (Jack Schwager)

One of the many advantages of “The New Market Wizards” over similar books on trading strategies is that its Profitability Analysis can be tailored to suit various trading approaches. The author has spoken with several affluent traders to get their insights on what it takes to be a successful trader.

Readers will gain perspective by hearing from individuals with diverse trading approaches and levels of success.

Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom (Van K Tharp)

This book is not just for forex traders; it is an excellent read for any trader. It educates its students on best trading strategy development and implementation practices.

The book is written so that readers can gain the knowledge they need to create trading strategies that work for them and their trading styles. This workbook will help you map out your business deals step by step.

Trading in the Zone (Mark Douglas)

Simply put, trading methods are not the be-all and end-all. A trader who wants to successfully implement the strategy without getting bogged down in doubt and confusion must practice patience and constancy.

That’s why “Trading in the Zone” is so helpful; it allows readers to create and implement plans without letting their feelings get in the way. After reading this book on forex psychology, many traders who had previously felt stuck were able to find new motivation and improved results.

Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market (Kathy Lien)

Another great book by Kathy Lien. Using a mix of fundamental and technical analysis, “Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market” aims to help traders profit from price fluctuations in the foreign exchange market.

The best part is that both short-term and long-term trading strategies are discussed. The book is regularly revised to reflect recent market developments and strategic insights.

Millionaire Traders (Kathy Lien & Boris Schlossberg)

Even more than that, this book is a compilation of chats between the author and various exciting people. Successful traders who are not publicly recognized are included on the list.

Most of the people profiled in “Millionaire Traders” are the types who began with relatively small trading accounts and grew them into sizable fortunes over time.

Intermarket Analysis (John Murphy)

To forecast price changes, “Intermarket Analysis” investigates the relationships between various markets. This book is a wealth of information detailing how movements in the value of multiple assets can impact the value of the foreign exchange market.

The Man Who Solved the Market (Gregory Zuckerman)

Maybe “The Man Who Solved the Market” is the best book to help you learn how to program your trades to make money automatically. In it, Jim Simons relates how he came up with Renaissance Technology.

His funds routinely achieve annual returns of over 50%, which is exceptional for the hedge fund industry. You can optimize your trading automation with this.

The Art of Currency Trading (Brent Donnelly)

Learn how to trade currencies profitably in today’s market with The Art of Currency Trading. For the first time, new traders will have access to the author’s tried-and-true trading strategies, and tactics gleaned over 20 years in the industry.

There are a total of 400 pages of content in this forex book. The author doesn’t just teach his readers one trading strategy or philosophy, but a number of them. Learners can understand the interplay between technical analysis, behavioral finance, fundamental analysis, and the currency markets themselves.

Final Evaluation

Trading has the potential to improve one’s financial situation significantly. It’s not magic, though. You need knowledge and training to trade successfully. So that you can get off to a good start in forex trading and improve as you go, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 forex trading books above and hope you found them helpful.

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