3 Reasons Why Boston Is an Ideal Place to Start a Business

The Hub of the Universe, Boston has been at the center of the arts, education, culture and history for hundreds of years. People love living in the city as it has just about everything a person needs to enjoy life.

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But, how is it when it comes to doing business? After all, having a great symphony and a good baseball team doesn’t do much for your start up!

Luckily, it has everything you need to be able to do business. There is a rich startup culture blooming in the metro Boston area and for good reason. From Boston Scientific to Sam Adams brewery, there are plenty of Boston based businesses that would not want to be anywhere else.

In this article, we will go over some of the reasons why you should start a business in Boston.

1 – Large population, small area

Boston has a lot of people so there are plenty of services available that you might not get in some other urban areas. With its small geographical size, everything your business and employees need is right at your doorstep.

Whatever your business field, there is support for it nearby. And the proximity means you can also get extremely fast deliveries by messenger. Same Day Delivery is very common so you can get business done on time.

Also, recruiting is much easier when you have a diversity of industries due to the population. You pretty much have your pick of experienced people when you need to find senior level managers.

2 – Highly educated

One of the biggest industries in Boston is education. Boston has a high concentration of higher education facilities than just about any city its size. From Harvard and MIT across the river in Cambridge to Boston University and Boston College in the city limits.

There are over 140,000 students in Boston so you have your choice of highly educated employees to start your business. It doesn’t matter what field, either as there is a deep pool to draw from for any type of business.

This youthful energy makes it an exciting place to do business especially with a spirit of innovation that is evident across the city.

3 – Great infrastructure

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Also owing to its compactness, Boston has a great infrastructure to make your business easier to pursue.

Public transportation is very good, albeit old, so your employees don’t need to live too far from work. This is good for a work life balance as commuting time is one of the primary factors.

High speed internet is common in just about every area of the city so getting an office set up is not an issue.


Boston is one of the best cities to live in the USA and is usually at the top of most lists for quality of life. Setting up a business in Boston makes sense on a variety of levels. Innovative yet rooted in old traditions, Boston can be the hub of your business universe!


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