Boxing Gloves UK: Why A Good Pair is So Important

Boxing gloves are an essential instrument of the sport, keeping your hands – and your opponent – protected from serious damage.

But for fighters across the centuries, it wasn’t always this way. Boxing gloves are a fairly recent addition to the boxing cannon, adopted to help train young fighters in the 1800s.

Their benefits became almost immediately apparent. Gone was the thousand year history of breaking your hands in every fight, or wrapping your hands in rawhide to lash at the opponent’s skin.

Boxing gloves helped to take the sport from the gambling dens of London and transform it into the gentlemen’s contest that it is today. More or less.

Why do we use boxing gloves?

Wraps were the exclusive form of hand protection in the archaic version of the sport, bareknuckle boxers can still be see using them on the thumbs and wrists. 

The reason for the protective layer in boxing gloves is obvious, when the fragile bones of the hand are coming into direct contact with the tough casing of the skull – damage is going to be done – and it’s more than likely that your hand will suffer the brunt of it.

That said, the introduction of boxing gloves as a requirement allowed for harder, more frequent strikes, which have a detrimental effect to the safety of your opponent and can lead to long term conditions relating to head trauma.

The size of the glove in respect to your hands is also going to improve your accuracy, spreading out the force of your punches over a larger surface area.

What are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

There’s a range of factors we have to consider when finding the perfect pair for a new fighter. The right size is obvious – boxing gloves come in sizes based on the weight class of the fighter – typically ranging from 8 to 18oz. But there’s more to take into account. 

Weight and padding have a lot to do with the conditions in which the gloves are going to be used. Heavier gloves with thicker padding are more appropriate for sparring – paradoxically a heavier glove doesn’t strike as hard, as it slows the momentum of punches. A lighter, less padded glove is better for a genuine fight. Bear in mind that the weight of the glove will increase with the circumference of the fighter’s hand.

It’s also important to consider the type of closure. What we’re referring to here is the way the gloves are going to be closed around a fighter’s fist. Velcro is easy to detach and useful for sparring and training, but many fighters find that a lace closure offers a snugger, tighter fit and greater comfort. 

Where can I get a good pair of boxing gloves?

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