Innovative Ways to Properly Brand and Market Your Company

When you’re looking to grow your own brand, it is vitally important that you continually reach out to potential customers. Your clients are the ones who are going to keep your name afloat and the revenue pouring in. Without a steady flow of customers, you’ll likely find that your business suffers and eventually experiences financial distress.

The best ways to reach your customers is through marketing and advertising. Depending on your available funds as well as the number of clients you’d like to attract, there are a multitude of options available to you.

Online Advertising

Online advertising - definition and some examples

Online advertising is king when it comes to bringing in more clients. With the rise of social media sites and streaming video services, you’ll be able to gain the attention of thousands or millions of viewers. Whether it’s an ad campaign on social media or a 10-second advertisement on a video streaming service, you’re looking at a boom to your online-based traffic flow and revenue.

TV Ads and Airtime

Television advertising has been on the decline over the past few years. With more and more people switching to streaming services and focusing their attention to social media, less television is being watched. However, one special night of the year defies this common decline and that night is Super Bowl.

A recent study at Betway suggested that more than 100 million Americans will watch the event on television. This is prompting businesses of all kinds to take a little bit of airtime and to essentially make it count. A lot of this airtime is based on the buzz among people talking about the advertisement after it’s been aired. More companies are choosing controversial or unique marketing tools to keep people interested long after the game’s been played.

Keep in mind that advertising during the Super Bowl will land you a pretty penny, as a 30-second slot costs several million dollars in itself.

Email Marketing

Brand article - email marketing image 4444For businesses just starting out, email marketing is one of the smartest options available. You can gather emails of interested clients and send out mass messages that offer services, plans, deals and offers. This is an easy way to get people talking about your company simply because you’re able to do the advertising right at home using simple software programming.

When people click on the email, they’re able to find out more about the company you’re running as well the services and products that you offer. The key is to keep these messages as consistent as possible. You can bring in more customers by sending out multiple messages in a month than just forwarding one a year.


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