Brief About Etsy Reviews in 2022

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Before the approach of the Internet, individuals depended on surveys in composed distributions and standard verbal. Bombing that, they’d go in blind and basically take a stab at another business.

Luckily, that is not the world we live in today – yet it’s a situation with two sides to the story.

Surveys can represent the moment of truth in a business. So you ought to constantly be mindful as to guarantee total consumer loyalty. If not, you might wind up in steaming hot water and a weak business.

On the other hand, your business will naturally develop on the off chance that you get a ton of incredible surveys on Etsy reviews. Individuals will trust you more assuming they see those enchanted five stars on your shop profile.

So in this aid, we’ll make sense of…

How audits work on Etsy.

  • For what reason they mean quite a bit to your prosperity.
  • Seven different ways you can enhance your work process.
  • Four different ways you can ask clients for a survey.
  • What not to do when you request surveys.

The most effective method to manage awful audits on the off chance that you get them.

Whenever you’ve assimilated the data in this article, you’ll be more than arranged to manage surveys on Etsy – – whether they’re positive or negative.

How Do Reviews Work on Etsy?

By and large, Etsy surveys work the same way as on some other web-based commercial center like Amazon or Facebook. Yet, there are a couple of contrasts you ought to know about on Etsy.

Here are a portion of the elements you ought to focus on:

Purchasers have 60 days to leave a survey once their request has been handled. Advanced orders are considered handled once every one of the documents has been downloaded.

  • They can change their survey during that multi day time frame.
  • All commentator profiles are public since Etsy doesn’t permit unknown audits.
  • Just audits from the beyond a year will be considered by Etsy.

The last point really intends that assuming you put your Etsy shop on pause for over a year, your surveys successfully reset. That is perfect on the off chance that you had a terrible streak – – however horrendous in the event that you’ve developed a decent rep.

Why Are Etsy Reviews Important?

Surveys are your standing – – on Etsy, and elsewhere on the web. Practically 90% of buyers think online surveys of a business is essentially as significant as an individual suggestion.

Yet, that is not all.

Your clients are likewise bound to enjoy more cash with you assuming that you have great surveys. So it’s not just about remaining in business – – it’s tied in with developing it.

Best ways to get great reviews on Etsy

Before we get into the act of mentioning audits, we should take a gander at ways you can upgrade your business. You wouldn’t believe how effectively great business can prompt some incredible Etsy surveys.

  • Offer Quality

In addition to the fact that people will pay something else for quality, but at the same time they’re bound to leave great audits. Ensure your materials and cycle both are of the greatest conceivable norm.

  • Be Honest

Staggering pictures and convincing duplicates is significant for your item postings. However, they need to portray what the client can expect – – don’t resemble a McDonald’s advert.

  • Customize Messages

It means quite a bit to regard every client as though they were your first. Try not to depend on mechanized messages. All things considered, send them a fast however customized “Bless your heart” after their buy.

  • Give a conservative estimate then shock everyone.

Clients like to have their assumptions met, yet they love to have them surpassed. Set your handling times to longer than required and remember a written by hand note for your conveyances.

  • Fix Mistakes

A periodic error is normal in spite of your best expectations. Own depend upon them when they occur, and give your all to fix them. It could transform a terrible survey into a positive one.

  • Provide Customer Service

Tell your clients they’re free to ask you inquiries and appropriate any inquiries you figure they could pose. Ensure you speak with them obviously and offer astounding assistance.

  • Follow Up

Your clients won’t generally inform you as to whether they have a terrible encounter. Here and there they’ll simply continue on. That is the reason it means a lot to follow up to inquire as to whether everything was true to form.

Etsy Message to Buyers Examples

Do you sell computerized things? Tweak your Etsy message to buyers example to be something that assists your client with their request and clarify how to utilize your item. Here is a model for an Etsy message to purchasers for computerized things.


A major generous THANK YOU for your new buy with Your Etsy Shop Name!

I trust that you are content with your new computerized items, however approval or down, I need to be aware! Making advanced items that address all your issues is my main concern.

On the off chance that you are content with your buy if it’s not too much trouble, leave some certain criticism, in the event that not, if it’s not too much trouble, let me know. One way or the other, I esteem your remarks enormously.

How about we be companions on Instagram! You can think that I’m here:


Much obliged such a great amount for your request from (your shop name)!

All computerized downloads are conveyed quickly by Etsy to the email address you have on record. In the event that you don’t see the email, it very well may be in your SPAM organizer.

The most effective method to leave a Review on Etsy.

On the off chance that you bought a few things from a similar shop, how to write a review on Etsy? you can leave a survey for everything.

The five-star audit framework

Etsy has a five-star survey framework (one being the most reduced and five being the most elevated) for evaluating your buys.The more definite your survey, the more accommodating it will be to different customers on Etsy.

When your audit is posted, your profile data will be openly shown in the vendor’s surveys.

Which things can be investigated?

In the event that you don’t see Review this thing close to your request in Purchases and audits, then, at that point, it’s not ready to be checked on as of now. Here are the standards that decide when a request can be checked on:

You can survey orders that are related with an Etsy account. On the off chance that you bought as a visitor as opposed to marking in to Etsy, you can guarantee the request to your new or existing Etsy record and leave a survey.

The request should be inside a 100-day survey window, beginning from the request’s assessed conveyance date. For advanced things, this window starts once you download your file(s). This window isn’t stopped assuming the request has an open case.

The thing probably was bought on or the Etsy application. In the event that you sell a thing face to face through Square, the purchaser can’t leave a survey on Etsy, however can leave one on Square. There should not be an open case on the request. You can leave a survey once the case is shut.

Could I at any point erase or alter my audit?

You can alter the star rating, photo, and the composed note quite a few times during the 100-day survey period. Surveys can’t be altered while a case is open for that request. On the off chance that you leave a survey of 3 stars or less, and the merchant answers, you will not have the option to alter the audit, regardless of whether the vendor erases their reaction.

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