Broadlinc Takes On Challenges of Expanding Kentucky’s Rural Internet Access

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For years, Kentuckians have been deprived of adequate internet access. The state boasts the nation’s slowest service with some residents having no internet at all. Most of them are living in rural areas which have still not been equipped with broadband lines.

According to FCC standards nearly forty percent of rural Americans lack access to satisfactory internet connections of 25mbps compared with just four percent living in urban areas. This must be frustrating when 2019 reports suggest that about 90% of American adults use the internet, either regularly or irregularly. 

A recent survey found that sixty-nine percent of respondents believed access to broadband was critical and sixty percent of respondents in rural areas felt that access to broadband was a problem in their communities. When state residents were surveyed they said they would support expanding broadband internet across rural areas and would support lawmakers passing bills that work to increase broadband access.

How Broadlinc looks to help

Being a Kentucky based company, locally owned and operated, Broadlinc is certainly very well placed to know how to best serve Kentuckians. Being local they’re always close by providing super quick response times, service calls, and installations. This is accompanied by a high class service and very fast internet speeds. 

They’ve been rapidly adding to the rural internet network by building many new towers across the state. It allows freedom for Kentukians in remote areas to work from home, complete virtual learning programs, and access telehealth services. 

Whilst they are in the process of building more fiber connections, they offer mostly coax/fiber hybrid wired infrastructure throughout the many small rural Kentucky communities. Broadlinc’s network of wireless towers deliver fast internet, leveraging the existing infrastructure. It allows them to expand their services to individual farms and homesteads along with other rural Kentucky residents.   

What services does Broadlinc offer to rural areas?

Broadlinc has an offering of residential services which include internet, phone, and cable TV. They use a combination of fiber optic, cable and wireless to deliver internet to rural towns across Kentucky. They are reliable and trusted at delivering high-speed internet directly into peoples homes. 

The services which they provide will allow Kentucky residents to have the following capabilities in their homes:

  • Fast speed which supports all devices
  • Stream videos in HD with less buffering
  • Play online games with less lag-time
  • Access speeds of up to 200 megabits per second
  • Connect up to 30 individual devices
  • Consume unlimited amounts of data

These offerings mean that residents in rural areas don’t need to be left in the dark ages of the internet. Everyone can enjoy fast direct internet access and take full advantage of technological advancements like HD streaming and online gaming.

Rural businesses are also set to benefit

Small businesses often form the backbone of rural communities. It can be time consuming and imply heavy fuel or other transportation costs when living in rural areas where services required don’t exist locally. 

Broadlinc understands these local business needs. They provide rural businesses with customized service packages ensuring all internet requirements are met. Their business service offerings include:

  • Service-level agreements for top priority on repairs
  • Traditional cable internet up to 200 mbps
  • Traditional phone lines – up to 100 lines
  • eFax services
  • Carrier-grade fiber-optic internet up to 1G
  • Business IT services
  • Bulk rates for multiple dwelling units   

The challenge exists all across the state. In Clark County officials mapped out huge areas where nearly nine thousand people or businesses found themselves in the same position, unable to purchase even the slowest speed internet plan of 25mbps.

What internet packages are on offer for rural locations?

We rely on quality internet to help us stay connected so choosing the right package is really important. It can get confusing for the customer with lots of information to get through. What is ping, or download speeds? Do you need satellite internet or wireless internet, or a cellular internet hotspot? The list of options is long and confusing if you’re not an expert.

In rural areas of Kentucky Broadlinc provides a wide range of reliable, rural internet options which don’t incur data limits. Residential internet options include:

  • Fast Basic – Up to 25mbps – Email & website browsing / watching videos / up to 5 devices / HD streaming on 1 device.  
  • Faster Enhance – Up to 50mbps – Enhanced internet / watching HD content / multiple devices / supports 4K streaming.
  • Faster Premium – Up to 100mbps – Unlimited devices all streaming HD or 4K / Excellent gaming speeds / video conferencing.
  • Faster Platinum – Up to 200mbps – Supports up to 5 TV’s streaming in 4K / House full of connected users / Ethernet wiring or mesh Wi-Fi recommended.  

No matter what your internet needs, Broadlinc is working to provide a tailored package in rural Kentucky.


With the support of local residents and governors alike, Broadlinc is completing important work to provide extensive rural areas with trustworthy internet coverage. More and more it’s required for the rural populace to both work and learn from home. 

It’s hoped that the federal government continues to award large sums of money and continue partnering with private companies like Broadlinc. Broadband services are required for rural communities to have reliable internet connections and installing the technology requires a lot of money.

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