Browser Security Solutions for Enterprises 2023

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The internet has disrupted how enterprises operated in the past; the traditional mode of running an enterprise is now a thing of the past as entities are now embracing the web. SaaS applications and cloud services are now the new standpoints for the operation of most enterprises.

Because of the numerous activities these enterprises carry out online, web browsers have become indispensable tools for the communication and operation of many enterprises. With the rise of usage of web browsers and applications among businesses, cybercriminals started massive attacks on enterprise browsers and web apps.

However, security solutions such as LayerX User-first Browser Security have been created to protect enterprises from cyber-attacks and threats. In this article, you will learn about different browser security solutions which can help secure an enterprise from cybersecurity threats.

Types of Browser Security Solutions

There are different types of browser security solutions, and the choice of an enterprise depends on its needs or browser threats.

      Enterprise Browser

An enterprise browser is a custom-made web browser completely managed and controlled by the enterprise or business it was created for.

It serves as a browser specifically made for a business and can only be used by the business’s employees to carry out activities authorized by the business. This means that any other activity apart from the authorized activities won’t be executed or allowed to be successful by the organization.

      Browser-Agnostic Platforms

Browser-Agnostic Platforms are browser security solutions that are often deployed to a commercial browser used by an enterprise to prevent cyber attacks.

Browser-Agnostic Platforms allow employees working for an organization not to change to custom-made browsers, which can be hard to navigate. Instead, they are made to use popular browsers such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge while still ensuring they are protected from cyber threats. 

      Local Browser Isolation

As the name suggests, local browser isolation is a browser security solution that isolates the browsing activities in an enterprise to prevent any cyber attack from affecting them.

This browser security solution is very effective and can limit the cyber attacks an organization must constantly experience. But the major downside this type of browser security solution might have is that because of the steps to isolate the browser, it can lead to a bad user experience.

Top Browser Security Solutions for Enterprises 2023

Here are some of the browser security solutions which an organization should consider using when they are making a choice.

      LayerX Security

LayerX Security is one of the most reliable and best browser security solutions for enterprises, as they have tools which can protect an organization from any cyber attack. LayerX is an end-to-end browser security platform that helps ensure that an organization’s browser security does not tamper.

In protecting an organization’s browser from threats, LayerX Security ensures that it does not create a bad user experience or error. LayerX can be classified as a browser-agnostic security platform that ensures enterprise browser security is not compromised without reducing the quality of user experience.

Many features make LayerX one of the best an enterprise can use: it has AI capabilities that help detect and scan a web page before a user visits it. Also, it creates usage policies that prevent internal cyber attacks from employees by limiting the settings they can manipulate. Email content protection, multi-factor authentication, data interaction restrictions, and device support are other features it has.

      Seraphic Security

This enterprise browser security solution is classified under local browser isolation and has certain features that separate it from others.

Seraphic Security creates an abstraction layer between JavaScript code and JavaScript engine to prevent cybercriminals from having any success in their attacks. Another feature they have is the malicious code behavior detection engine which stops any malicious code from being executed in the browser. 

Other features offered by Seraphic Security are audit logs, website page analysis, dynamics analysis, data loss prevention, and support for legacy browsers.


Island is classified as an enterprise browser which creates a custom-made browser for an organization and gives them full control and administrative privileges of the browser. It is a chromium-based browser that allows an organization to customize the browser according to their needs and the type of cyber attacks they are experiencing.

Island provides and integrates all the tools an organization needs inside the browser, and they are easily accessible to prevent the success of a cyber attack. One of the features which can be found on Island is administrative privileges which allow the organization to create usage policies for both internal and external users.

Island’s features include support from different devices, governance privileges, isolation and anti-malware technology, explorer compatibility, and browser customization.


SlashNext is a browser security solution for enterprises classified under a browser-agnostic security platform and was majorly created to help stop phishing attacks in an enterprise. Phishing prevention is the major function of this tool, although it has other additional functions added to it by its creators.

SlashNext performs a dynamic run-time analysis on billions of URLs to help an organization detect any website created to lure businesses into a phishing attack. Other functions which can be found on SlashNext are multi-vector protection, SlashNext Endpoint Management System, encryption provider, and better user experience.


Talon is an enterprise browser created to give unwavering control and management to an organization to limit the success of cyber attacks. Talon prevents cyber attacks from affecting an enterprise by creating isolation from web traffic and makes policy enforcement and user onboarding straightforward. 

Talon is a Chromium-based enterprise browser, and its major focus is on data prevention by providing encryption on files that are shared internally and externally within an enterprise. Other features of Talon include device hygiene checks, zero trust verification, URL filtering, third-party browser information monitoring, and many other security features.


Since many enterprises now use browsers to conduct their business online, several browser security solutions must be deployed to ensure that the enterprise does not fall victim to cyber-attacks.

Enterprise browser solutions often have features such as data encryption, zero trust, multi-factor authentication, URL filtering, administrative privileges, device support, and many other security features.

Examples of browser security solutions that an enterprise can choose from to secure their organization’s internet activities are LayerX Security, Talon, Island, SlashNext, and Seraphic Security.

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