BTC (Bitcoin) Has a Strong Rival in the Form of ADA (Cardano)

A recent survey of global brand intimacy, has thrown up some interesting facts. Brand intimacy refers to the emotional bonding that builds up between the organization, and the audience and customer base.

Results of the Market Research

The research was undertaken by MBLM, a brand relations firm. The team investigated around 600 brands. These brands covered 19 industrial sectors. The firm utilized tools, such as big data and artificial intelligence (AI), to study several of the top global brands. They included Apple, Disney, Tesla, etc. You can visit Bitcoin trading for more information.

Amongst the facts discovered, one of them concerns two well-known companies – Bitcoin and Cardano. As a brand, Cardano has achieved a ranking of 26. The blockchain company is now a leader in the digital currency sector. Bitcoin achieved a ranking of 30. Solana stood at 265, while Uniswap stood at 261.

Brand intimacy soared high in the virtual currency industry. Cryptocurrency performances found a position amongst the top 10 industrial sectors. It is something that should make Cardano feel doubly proud of itself! After all, it is a new entrant to this kind of study. It had not been included in a similar investigation in 2021.

Cardano is a Topper

The surveyors, themselves, express happiness that the company has displayed a glorious ranking. Right at the top, Cardano has managed to acquire another label, too. It is a brand offering the best financial services, overall.

Charles Hoskinson is the co-founder of Cardano. According to him, his partner and he had based the launching of their firm on a fundamental tenet. It declared that everyone in the world was created equal. Everyone deserves a chance to ‘win’, and survive in a just society. This led to the creation of the Cardano ecosystem. The company pursues its major goal via decentralization and merit.

Hoskinson stated that the pursuit of equality and justice was independent of the presence of a founder. There was no need to focus on a specific country, or a particular culture, either. As a result, the Cardano network employs people from diverse backgrounds and nations.

There are over 100 employees from across the globe. However, all of them are working towards the achievement of a common goal. It is why the organization has been able to render services that satisfy different palates, and satisfy well!

The Future of Cardano (ADA)

All the details of ADA, and BTC, right from the time of their respective launches. It refers to a trading and investment website for cryptocurrencies. However, details about strategies for the future may not be available.

Regarding Cardano, the investigation revealed something else, too. The ongoing pandemic has created worldwide chaos in 2020, and 2021. It is continuing, albeit mildly, in 2022. Despite the severity of the outbreak, the Cardano network has managed to display a commendable performance. The brand’s fame has progressed by 19%, already!

This kind of success has encouraged the Cardano blockchain to focus on actions for the future. The founders are all set to award the network a significant upgrade.

The Vasil Hard Fork

Cardano’s developers had been concentrating on the much-awaited Vasil hard fork. It came into being on September 22, 2022. It refers to an upgrade, which is backward-incompatible. The upgrade took place on the main Cardano network.

The fork aims to enhance the capabilities of Smart Contracts. The enhancement is in response to frequent criticism about its operations lagging behind Ethereum’s. Even several layer-1, decentralized platforms are better than Cardano.

Now, the native language of Cardano’s Smart Contracts is Plutus. Thanks to the Vasil Hard Fork, a second version of the scripting language will become available. It is Plutus version (v) 2.

The Fork also desires to lessen costs related to transactions. Similarly, it also hopes to encourage the chain’s throughput. Other ambitions include shrinking the sizes of transactions, and enhancing activity within the network. The usage of decentralized technology, and Web3, should suffice to fulfill all goals, successfully.

Diffusion Pipelining will help improve Cardano’s scalability and speed. In turn, it will become easier to disseminate information regarding newly-arrived blocks. Participants in the network will appreciate the streamlining of this process. Five seconds after the creation of a block, it may be propagated across the Cardano network.

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