Build a live streaming app for your content creation: Moravio

Ever since we entered this digital era, the way we interact with the world has changed. Live streaming has almost become the norm, not only for college classes and work gatherings but also for gamers, content creators, and even singers. All these creators and professionals might need to develop live streaming apps to support their content. Thankfully, they are not alone and can count on the help of professional development teams.

Why custom live streaming software?

When thinking of live streaming, one might think of Zoom or Twitch. But what are the cons? And what are the advantages of custom software?

  • While these are popular and can bring traffic to your content, they are also over-saturated with creators and data. Custom software can give you a competitive advantage, as you have a unique and innovative solution. This idea works for individuals who want their own website and live streaming app or institutions and companies that want a significant advantage over their competitors.
  • On platforms like Twitch, viewers can get distracted by other content on their feeds and leave your event to interact with other streamers or websites. And everything runs on ads these days, meaning the user experience on Twitch or YouTube can be negative, even when using an ad blocker.
  • Another crucial benefit of having your own software for your content or company is that you can add as many features as you want. The possibilities are endless: private chatrooms for viewers, organizing events where viewers can participate, adding mini-games, having a membership-based subscription for select content, and more.

Build a live streaming app: Moravio

Moravio is an international software development company that designs and develops web and mobile applications. To do so, they hire top-quality developers and programmers from all over the world and build dedicated software development teams to match your exact needs.

Moravio is the website to visit if you need a custom live streaming app for your company or personal project. Even if you have an in-house development team, counting on a dedicated development team that focuses exclusively on the streaming app can be a wise idea. Besides taking the workload off your employees’ shoulders, it also means hiring the highest-quality developers on Earth.

Developers often know one or two programming languages and frameworks. Excelling at more than that is rare and might even be counterproductive. So, maybe you need something innovative and fresh, and your team can’t deliver quality due to their knowledge limitations. That is why Moravio matches clients with professional development teams capable of meeting their needs. With 4.8 out of 5 stars in Google reviews, rest assured that you are in good hands.

Study case of a successful live streaming app

Stardio was a company that wanted to offer online fitness classes but lacked the skills to do so. What they do best is instruct people who work out and love fitness, so they left the arduous programming work to one of Moravio’s development teams.

The team came up with a platform similar to Zoom but with enhanced and more engaging features. Besides attending live streaming classes through a subscription-based membership (something users could also do on YouTube or Twitch), users could also choose blocks of specific exercises and create their own workout loops. That means they could design their own workouts. Such a small detail can be a significant USP against your competitors.

To learn more about this successful case and Moravio’s work method, check out their website.

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