4 Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit from Shrink Wrapping

Anyone who is into the manufacturing, packing, supply or delivery business should be using shrink wraps already. Just in case you have not yet started using shrink wraps to better protect your goods, here are four reasons why you should consider it.

Shrink Wrapping
Image: Pixabay

Shrink Wrap Provides Protection Against Various Kinds of Damage

Shrink wraps are plastic films that can be wrapped around any object and post wrapping, when heat is applied to the film, the plastic shrinks and assumes the shape of the object that it has been wrapped around. This tight seal makes the product highly resistant to dust, water, moisture, heat, cold and even UV rays from the sun. Additionally, tight, thick layers of shrink wraps can provide decent shock protection as well during transit. Food-grade shrink wraps help to retain the freshness of food items and are used quite frequently by the food and beverages industry.

Shrink Wrapping is Cost-Effective

Shrink wrap film is cheap to begin with, but when you are going to use it for business packaging, chances are that you would be buying in bulk, which makes it even cheaper. What really makes shrink wrap cost-effective is that it provides water, moisture, and dirt resistance, and even provides shock resistance up to a degree, in spite of being one of the cheapest packing materials in the industry. However, in order to shrink wrap products in bulk, heat guns alone won’t be sufficient and you will require a shrink wrap machine which can wrap, heat and seal in bulk with amazing speed. There are various types of shrink wrap machines though, so be sure to get an understanding of each type before investing in one.

Shrink Wraps are Hard to Tamper With

While it’s easy to cut or tear shrink wraps, tampering with it secretly is very hard. As the seal sits tightly with the object that it has been wrapped around, any pull, cut or tear would be easily visible, confirming the fact that the seal has been tampered with. For added protection, important documents and other objects can be shrink wrapped with plastic films that change color on being stretched.

The Scalability and Applications are Almost Limitless

There is no other packaging material in the packing industry that is as scalable and as vast in usage as shrink wrap. It can be used to pack things as small as tiny toys and small electrical wires, but can also be used to protect objects as humongous as a greenhouse or even a fully-fledged boat! The application of shrink wrapping is truly vast and wide, across various industries.

From a business perspective, shrink wrap can help save a fortune in shipment expenses, given that it does not take up as much space as a packing box does, in addition to providing protection against a wider range of threats, and when you are shipping in bulk, the cost savings do add up over time to huge amounts.