Six Trending Business Ideas for 2019

You are thinking to start your own business in 2019, but still, you do not know what would be profitable not for a day but also for a long time to the future.

Many business ideas make the decision even more difficult.

It’s hard to predict the future, but predicting a profitable business idea is precisely what you need if you are starting a new business.

If you research, you will notice that the trend in business ideas 2019 have changed significantly as opposed to decades ago.

The technology goes ahead, and we watch it. So, trendy business ideas 2019 are being formed.

So here are some trendy business ideas that are great to start in 2019 and that will be profitable and popular in the future.

We managed to spare you from calculating trending business idea this year.

Business ideas 2019 image 111Landscaping service

Who does not like a beautifully landscaped garden with lawn, trees or a beautiful flower garden?

Yes, everyone enjoys their backyards, but not everyone enjoys arranging their yard. That’s why you are here with your new business to make them the backyards perfect for enjoyment.

Why is this popular business idea worthwhile?

You don’t need a big investment in this business idea. You will buy the tools you need to maintain the yards, and that’s it. Also, let’s not forget the love for this job.

In fact, for any new business you start, you need love so that you can it easily work. Otherwise, the latest business would be just another dull and exhausting work.

Home renovation service, best business idea 2019

The beautiful thing about home renovation service business is that this business is always up-to-date and profitable. If you have a good business plan and even better marketing your business will last for years.

If you have extended knowledge and skills for construction, then this is an ideal trendy business for you.

If you are precise in detail and this business fills you, then here’s what you need to do to start it in 2019.

The license to perform remodeling to existing residential homes is required.

To get a licensor, you should check the “Local Government” jurisdiction for their requirements, permits, and inspections.

Senior Care Center

If you’ve always wanted to help people then opening an Elderly Care home can be a perfect trend business for you in 2019. This business can only be successful if you devote to care for adults.

Believe it or not, the number of seniors is on a steady increase every year, and these people are some immobile ones with the need for real care needing to live in such a home where they will have all the conditions for a decent living.

How much investment you need to start this type of business however depends on what kind of care center you want to establish.

Business ideas 2019 image 112Health and massage center

In recent decades people are aware of the importance of their health. Moreover, accelerated living and hard work, as well as many other causes give us additional stress, which nowadays rarely anyone can ignore that fact.

Starting a health and massage business can bring you considerable revenue, just because people care about their health.

What does health and massage business mean?

Also, you can offer several more services that will contribute to their health, such as nutrition consulting, psychological consulting, and the like.

What’s essential for this new trendy business is however to have enough knowledge about the human body and the benefits of health. You can get a diploma with a course or appropriate education so that you can get a job license.

Business ideas 2019 image 114Car shipping side business idea for 2019

We are not talking about starting a car shipping company. The business idea that is trending is having a car trailer that will allow you to transport cars. For those who are traveling each day 200-1000 miles, why not make this a profitable side business. According to this car shipping calculator and relevant sources like Uship, Move.Org,, it costs 700 to 1000 USD to ship your car up to 1000 miles distance, and 1 dollar per mile under 500 miles transport distance.

The good part here is that you can rent a car trailer for between $65 to $200 or you can buy one under $3,000.

Sustainable hospitality

Nowadays, the world faces significant environmental impact problems. We are becoming more aware of the need to preserve the environment and the greenery around us.

Starting this type of business in 2019 will not only bring you profits but will also have benefits for the entire environment.

Due to people’s awareness due to sustainability improvement, they decide to stay in a sustainable hotel.

The hotels are trying and have a significant contribution to sustainable improvement.

Surely the investment for this kind of business is much higher but in the end, every penny will worth it.

To generate electricity and use solar collectors for heating the water in the hotel, you will surely reduce the electricity bills that you need to pay monthly.

This can be used even if you have apartments or vacation homes for rent.

Final words

Choosing a new business that will be profitable can mean much stress, calculations and investment. However, if you do not try, you will never know!

Be brave and start your own business in 2019, maybe this is your year to accomplish all of your desires.

Good luck!