5 Business Ideas You Can Create with a Shipping Container

Because of high construction costs and exorbitant leasing rates, more business owners turn to non-traditional facilities to house their business operations. Among the cost-effective and practical alternatives is the use of shipping containers.

These metal enclosures, made for transporting cargo across the globe, can be configured into varying dimensions to suit specific needs.

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Below are structures you could transform shipping containers into for your business:

  1. Office Space

If you’re just getting started with your business and could not commit to a long-term lease, using shipping containers are among the alternatives. It is easy and inexpensive to convert these containers. Just make sure to get a shipping container lock for roll-up doors to secure your trendy, little office space.

  1. Pop-Up Shop

Another great business idea for shipping containers is to use them as pop-up shops, which are popular mobile retail stores for seasonal and short-term businesses. For example, if you have an online store where you sell unique handmade arts and crafts, setting up these shops using shipping containers lets you showcase your items and expands your brick-and-mortar space. It also allows you to catch foot traffic in busy metropolitan areas.

  1. Yoga Studio

More and more people are taking to the mats for body-contorting activities, such as yoga. If you want to teach this series of postures and breathing exercises but don’t have a studio, you could build one with shipping containers. You could also try putting up a flat pack container home next to your yoga studio. That way, you create a unique alternative to traditional exercise platforms to help you stand out from your competitors.

Yoga spaces are expensive, but using shipping containers lets you cut down on costs. Who knows? Holding classes in these transformed gyms not only satisfies your passion for yoga but can be the start for you of a career as an instructor.

  1. Gallery Space

One of the challenges of aspiring artists is to establish a reputation and brand in the industry. Thus, displaying their works in galleries can make a huge difference. Unfortunately, most new artists struggle to get a spot in art galleries to display their creations.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend too much in converting shipping containers to makeshift art galleries as an alternative to traditional ones.

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  1. Mobile Restaurant

When you’re just starting a cafe or diner, it’s crucial to find the perfect location to reach more customers and maximize your profit. With shipping containers, you can create a mobile restaurant or a shipping container food hall to move from one spot to another and indulge more diners.

You could conveniently design your mobile diner based on your food offerings to create a palette-stimulating ambiance.


There are numerous business ideas you can explore with shipping containers. Business owners on a budget could utilize them to create modern, novel, and practical solutions. If you need a workplace to get the ball rolling, look up shipping containers as a business solution.