Why Your Business Needs an Outsourced Marketing Strategy

In the past, marketing was relatively simple to execute in-house with a small team. Large marketing agencies provided professional services to those who could afford the fees, but a small business could be successful with a two-or-three-person marketing team.

Outsourced marketing strategy image 49949994Today, marketing is an integral part of the tech world and requires more skills and expertise than in the past. Marketing psychology hasn’t changed. The complexity arose when direct mail was eclipsed by digital marketing. Flyers, catalogs, and other simple mailers have been replaced by high tech delivery methods like social media, PPC ads, and review websites. The game is still to capture people’s attention, but capturing attention in the digital world is different.

Unless everyone on your small marketing team is a master-of-all-trades, you’ll need to outsource at least some of your marketing needs.

  1. Outsourcing gives you access to an entire team of professionals

Marketing in today’s digital world requires more than a strategist and a copywriter. You can’t execute a full marketing strategy without a website developer, a media buyer, and experts in lead generation, PPC ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), video editing, and sales. While it’s possible to build an in-house team full of these professionals, it’s time-consuming and costly.

Outsourced marketing isn’t a temporary service, a group of freelancers, or an offshore service. It’s a full-service advertising and marketing agency that provides expertise you can’t get in-house. You’ll get immediate access to every type of professional your strategy requires, and those individuals will be an existing well-oiled machine. Once the team develops your strategy, you’ll be minimally involved in the process.

  1. Outsourced marketing keeps you on the cutting edge

Marketing agencies send their staff to yearly conferences to stay caught up with the latest trends and technology because that’s their entire business. Their staff members eat, sleep, and breathe marketing all day long with multiple clients. They know how to use social media platforms like Twitter and Pinterest and they’re constantly doing research to see how trends are changing across various platforms. Hire a marketing agency and you’ll have cutting-edge marketing strategies without having to do any of the work.

  1. A professional agency knows consumer expectations

It’s hard to execute an effective marketing strategy when you don’t have time to keep up with changes, including changes in consumer expectations. For instance, consumers today expect near-immediate responses from brands and will lose trust in brands that don’t interact on social media. A professional marketing agency can interact with fans on your behalf, or provide you with a strategy to do it in-house.

  1. Marketing strategy image 4994994
    A marketing strategy describes where you want to get to. A marketing plan has details on how you’ll get there.

    Outsourced marketing can complement your in-house expert

You might have an A-list copywriter in-house, but what do they know about running PPC ads on Facebook? Writing killer copy is only one half of the equation. Have your copywriter create your ad copy and hire a marketing agency to implement the ads – it’s the perfect complement.

  1. You’ll get accurate data interpretation

To increase your ROI, you need to track and interpret your marketing results accurately. For example, if you’re generating traffic using five different advertising methods, you need to track each method individually. You need to know which methods bring the most traffic so you can invest more marketing dollars in those methods. If you’re not used to tracking and interpreting data, it’s going to be cumbersome to manage.

A seasoned marketing firm knows how to interpret data accurately and in meaningful ways. They’ll handle everything on the backend for you including setting up all tracking systems and data interpretation. They’ll measure the success of your social media campaign using the 10 most important metrics like audience demographics, how many followers visit your website, and who’s mentioning you on Twitter.

  1. Your strategy will stay on target

A professional marketing agency will maintain the flow and context of your project extremely well. Consider how difficult it would be to delegate marketing tasks to some of your team members and outsource the rest to individual contractors you found online. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to create cohesion between everyone, yet your overall marketing strategy would depend on that cohesion.

On the other hand, communication is virtually guaranteed when all your marketing is being handled by one professional team.

If you’re struggling with your marketing strategy, it’s time to outsource

You don’t need to build an in-house marketing team from scratch or try to figure it out yourself. Outsource your marketing strategy to a professional agency and stop struggling with tasks outside your area of expertise. Leave it to the pros and you won’t regret it.