5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Surveillance Cameras

surveillance cameras 888Video surveillance technology has advanced significantly over recent years, leading to higher prevalence among business owners. With that in mind, here are some reasons why every business should invest in surveillance cameras.

Surveillance pays for itself

Since businesses are common targets of theft, vandalism, and intrusion, security cameras are a necessary investment. Investing in a reliable video surveillance system can act as a theft deterrence. In this regard, security cameras often pay for themselves.

Installing a security system also leads to lower insurance premiums and deductible. To save the most on insurance, compare rates from different plans to determine which option offers the best deals when video surveillance is taken into account.

Secure data storage

Recent advancements in video surveillance technology have made storing data on the cloud easier than ever. Hybrid cloud video surveillance enables remote storage that can be accessed by any device with an Internet connection. Migrating to the cloud is user-friendly and cheaper than traditional network video recorder (NVR) storage. Cloud storage also features a greater storage capacity than NVRs and computer hard drives.

Hybrid-cloud technology enables businesses to store data remotely through the cloud and through on-unit video storage. Hybrid-cloud systems also provide more video processing power and higher bandwidth for remote streaming. In addition, storing data the cloud can protect businesses against potential data breaches and creates a cyber defense against hacks.

Eliminate security gaps

Installing an up-to-date video surveillance system can significantly reduce security gaps throughout your business. Hybrid-cloud surveillance systems eliminate security gaps by automatically updating software and patching firmware through the plug-and-play Ethernet cable.

In the past, service providers forced users to resort to third-party technicians or web browser research to resolve issues. Recently, cloud-based service providers began holding the vendor — rather than business’ IT operations — responsible for the cyber security of individual cameras. Holding the vendor accountable for potential security gaps acts as an added security measure for your business.

Real-time alerts

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities enable businesses to detect and respond to threats in real-time. AI and machine learning systems can alter the way data is captured and analyzed, to gain actionable insights. The process of extracting insights requires extensive training using video footage, but it allows AI to detect potential threats using object and facial recognition, and even learn about human behavioral patterns.

Real-time responses to threats help businesses take a proactive approach to security. For instance, if a break-in occurs, employees can respond in real-time by contacting law enforcement. In addition, footage of the break-ins can be reviewed for analysis on how to prevent future breaches.

User-friendly operation

The growing workload of many businesses requires a simplified security operations infrastructure. A simplified infrastructure saves time and money by reducing the resources that businesses devote to security operations. As a result, plug-and-play systems have become the new standard in video surveillance. Unlike traditional digital video recorders (DVRs), plug-and-play systems feature hybrid-cloud technology and easy-to-use software that makes installation and operation user-friendly.

Plug-and-play systems also provide interactive maps that highlight the location of each security camera. Users can send authorized users recorded or live video feed seamlessly via text or email. The app also allows users to customize permissions and access multiple cameras remotely.

Recent technological advances in the video surveillance industry make today a better time than ever to invest in security cameras. Integrating a high-tech, reliable network of security cameras can help your business save time, money, and other valuable resources while providing enterprise operators and security teams much needed peace of mind.