Business Podcasts: Snake Oil or Investments in Your Future

In the busy world that we live in, there is always the conundrum of fitting worthwhile content in the limited amount of time that we have. It takes a significant amount of time to read articles that might not even be up-to-standard with what you are looking for.

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Podcasts have emerged as a way to stay informed under a time-crunch, but we still don’t want to use our valuable time listening to misleading or misguided pieces, do we? Especially when it comes to the fast-moving business world!

Whether an entrepreneur on the rise, an established business-personnel, or a curious student, the collection of information in your field surely is helpful, but there are always apprehensions about the value of business podcasts. There is a wealth of lists featuring business podcasts, but how much of it is actually worth the dedicated time?

Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of business podcasts:


Staying Tuned In, Literally!

Keeping yourself in the loop with the news is essential for every future business-personnel and business enthusiasts. Business podcasts provide information that affects lives on a local, national, and international level from a business perspective. Ignoring the news will inevitably leave you isolated from the rest of the world. Business news podcasts play a role in ensuring that citizens stay tuned in with the economic and political front without sacrificing valuable time.

Podcast listeners can stay gain information about the news while going through their day-to-day routine. Exactly what a businessman would do! Listeners can get in the loop during a workout at the gym, while on their commute, and at any time they can expend their attention. No need to sit down and focus on a long article anymore, fellow information-seeker, just grab your earphones and get going!

The Expert Advice You Need

The media has evolved a great deal, and the internet is practically crawling with any type of information you are looking for. You can easily search for the exact type of news you wish to listen to and be redirected to find the podcast that will answer all of your queries in a single click.

These business podcasts will provide you with current business and commerce trends and financial investment opportunities from an expert’s analysis and will help you make informed decisions. Tech, biological, health, and other miscellaneous business news help you stay informed, and you never know, there might be something that inspires you!

Creating Your Own Library

Podcasts can easily be downloaded for future use and listened to on devices such as phones, laptops, and computers, unlike articles that are typically harder to download and re-access. You can create your personal audio library with the information you gathered and keep track of any information you may need for future use.

Getting Across the Right Message

Reading the news cannot always convey the message as perfectly as listening to it can. The degree of priority and urgency of the matter can easier be identified by hearing one say it out loud. When reading, the conveyer may want to express news in a certain way and we, as a reader, may perceive it in a whole different light! Business podcasts remove this variable of miscommunication and leave little room for the listeners to misinterpret.


All News will Not Be Authentic

Creating and distributing a podcast does not require licensing or authorizing, so anyone can do it. This may seem fantastic since there is a small barrier to entry for those trying to start a podcast, but that means that podcasts are floating across the internet that may or may not be entirely accurate.

This can be dangerous if you are listening and then investing based on the information that you are hearing! It can be difficult to do your due diligence and identify genuine news while disposing of the misleading news since all it takes is a charismatic voice to be convincing.

Survivorship Bias

Several Business podcasts give themselves credibility based on the success of the podcaster. Before completing internalizing and acting on lessons learned from your favorite podcast, it is important to remember the success of one person is not a template for everyone to be successful. For every successful person, there are a hundred people that tried the same thing and failed.

Conclusion – Is it worth listening to Business News Podcasts?

We Vote, Yes!

Some drawbacks may give you second thoughts, but all in all, listening to business podcasts are worth investing your time.

Business news podcasts are totally worth listening to for those who want to learn the nicks and tricks of business or for the general public who just wants to be aware of the current business affairs. The more you listen, the more you will learn to skilfully discard and disregard the unauthentic news and keep your eyes and ear out for the genuine information!

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