Business Sign Advertising is Still Booming in the 2020s

While it seems as though businesses and consumers are focused primarily with online advertising, there remains a great deal of success to be had with traditional, wall or pole-mounted business signs. According to the experts, as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to wane with more and more folks being vaccinated, brick and mortar stores are beginning to open back up. Physical storefronts are still effective in the 2020s since they allow potential buyers to physically sample the merchandise. It also offers them a chance to engage with knowledgeable sales people.

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The same can be said for business signs. If you wish to attract customers and get them to step inside your store, it’s said that there is still nothing more effective than a uniquely designed business sign. Taken a step further, electric business signs seem to be growing in popularity not only in the U.S., but the world over.

Says representatives of Baker Signs, a Houston sign company, an electric sign is one of the least costly means of advertising in the long run. Neon signs, illuminated channel letters, and cabinet signs are the most targeted advertising you can achieve. These well designed signs advertise your business to potential customers in the specific area or areas where your business is located.

Here are some other signs that point to business signs booming in the 2020s.

50 Percent of Customers Enter a Store Because of a Sign

The experts will tell you that almost half of all customers who enter a store or seek out a product and/or service, will do so because of a business sign. It’s further said that the signs don’t necessarily need to display your business’s personal branding. Case and point: while some businesses like restaurants might display menus, others like grocery stores might display specific products that are on sale for a limited time.

When you consider that 35 percent of customers would have no idea your business even exists if not for outdoor electric signage, you begin to grasp an idea of its overall advertising importance. It’s also interesting to note that 52 percent of American teenagers and adults have viewed an electric sign within the past seven days.

Most Potential Customers Reside Within Five Miles of Your Business

For those of you who own local brick and mortar stores, the vast majority of your clientele will reside within a five mile radius. What this translates into is that the average person will more than likely view your sign twice per day which is sixty times per month. This means your sign can be an effective advertising tool for people to visit your store whether they are planning on doing so, or if acting entirely on impulse.

If it’s possible to communicate exactly what your business sells via electric sign, and why customers need that product/service, the better your chances of your business sign investment paying off in spades.

What’s Better than Electric Signs? Word of Mouth

Even in this modern age of electronic signage and digital advertising on social media, including Google and Amazon, there is still nothing better for building your brand and business reputation than word of mouth. What this intuits is that the message you advertise on your sign must be accurate and entirely reflective of the quality of the product you sell.

It’s said that when you combine the business you get from electric sign advertising with what you get from word of mouth, it makes up for 80 percent of your revenue on a daily basis. In other words, if you haven’t invested in a quality, effective business sign and you’ve grown a negative reputation, chances are your business isn’t going to last very long.

How a New Business Sign Will Help You

Some successful businesses are a direct reflection of their business name. The Hoover vacuum was proof positive of this in that at one time, you didn’t vacuum your carpet, you “Hoovered” it. But while this kind of thing works for a relative small amount of successful companies, it’s simply not enough for most operations.

A brand new, redesigned electric business sign that might cost only $0.02 per 1,000 views, will reach your potential customer base better than any other form of advertising. Perhaps if your business has been slow due to the pandemic and is only now just reopening, you might want to consider looking into a new business sign that will entice potential customers into buying your products. The end result will likely be a dramatic increase in daily revenues.

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