Business Signage As Means To Increase Profit

Business signage article image 434Business branding does not merely take a business logo.  The entirety of the business is what makes its branding. It is up to you as a business owner to whether you decide on making your customers’ experience more memorable or you make your own establishing worth visiting for.  In any means, within a business, there could be possible more than five marketing strategies to employ.  It includes websites, magazine ads, newspaper ads, billboards, sales promotion.  However, the best approach is business signage.

In many cases, business signage has already marked many businesses profit to increase.  With positive impact it provided towards companies, there are already studies that measured the importance of signage together with the effect it has on consumers regardless of the industry.  Thus, as seen within further research, business signage plays a vital role in customers’ buying behavior.  It becomes the means to increase the profit sale of the business.

Before going farther, the research of EBSCO Sign Group shows that the exposure of business signage is higher than any other else:

In consumer exposure over 30 days, the probability of outdoor advertising, which means business signage to be seen is around 10, 000 people, the newspaper could be reached with 4,750, and television has 1,250.  The cost that these marketing tools are in the same price of $16,500, but the performance it serves is different.

In detail, business entities become noticeable to many people with the following statistics:

  • Business Signage took 46%.
  • Word of mouth took 38%.
  • Newspaper advertisement has 7%.
  • Yellow Pages has 6%.
  • Radio Commercial has 2%.

With that, the following reasons why business signage can increase business profit will be discussed further.

Reduces Advertising Budget

There are cut costs once the signage is used within a business.  It was seen in the study of Aztec Motors that the owner was able to reduce the advertisement budget of the company from $16, 000 down to $4,000 per month.  In total, the owner of the company has saved annual money of around $144, 000.  Despite such saved money, there is no risk of the service that the signage could offer.

From the experience of the said company, the cost that could be spent for the marketing purposes can be saved for other possible expenses that the company may need to attend to.  If there might be little changes within the signage for enhancement purposes, the return of investment can still suffice the cost spent by the owner.   It was roughly seen that 60% of the business changed its design for customers’ sake.

Business Signage pays for themselves through new customers

Another result which was seen in the Aztec Motors study was: the increase of sales becomes positive after adding the sign for business purposes.  To be specific, there are an increased six additional sales per week within the company.  The transactions added within the company had paid the newly built signage in less than a month.  With that, it implies that due to the increased sale per week, the cost which was paid for the signage had served its purpose already.  After months, the mounted signage for the company can help far better than it has in the first month.

Probably, the increased customers are due to the absence of other company’s attention to business signage.  It is because, in the study of FedEx, there are nearly 60% of consumers who have confessed that the other company’s absence of signages deters them from entering the store or business location.  That is why they go and visit the most visible once.

Attracts Walk-in Customers

As part of the marketing, grabbing ones attention is part of the best features that business could give towards the company it served.  The research revealed that there is a minimum of 10 new walk-in customers per week who have visited a company’s business due to its signage.  Furthermore, in the study of FedEx, it was revealed that 76% or nearly 8 out of 10 customers had entered a store or a business entity due to the signage is used.

Moreover, there have been claims that 75% made the signage as a way for others to recognize the brand.  Alongside, there are 67% of customers who have chosen the company’s product or service because the sign had caught their eyes and attention.   With the corresponding survey answers of the customers, this shows that the effectiveness of business signage can lead to many customers.  And thus, connectedly, once people get to visit and know the place, the more chances of purchasing to its product or service.


Cutting the costs for the marketing strategy may help a lot for the business company.  Upon getting the best business signage for your company, get along with the ShieldCo Metal Signage.  The durability and quality that the company offers fit these reasons to increase business profit.