How to Give Your Business Studio a More Professional Appearance

Office studio more professional appearance - image 1Professionalism is something we’d like to think every business strives for, whether large or small.

Thing is, few businesses struggle to get the professionalism part down right.

Far too often, in the conduct of day-to-day business, many office spaces get out of control and out of order. Dress codes get broken, stacks of paper pile up, proper decorum is lost, shiny office assets eventually undergo wear and tear, and the sense of working in a professional workplace is pretty soon lost.

Pretty soon, your office begins to look like as though the inmates are running the asylum – and that’s hardly the first impression that you want your clients to get.

That said, instead of leaving things as they are, why not take concrete steps to give your business a more professional appearance?

We’ve got a few quick fixes you can easily implement to make sure your business space makes the best impression it can – and let it exude the professionalism that you want it to display.

Choose a Color Scheme to Base your Interior Design on  

It’s no secret that color ranks as the ultimate element in interior design that impacts our emotions and mental perceptions – your clients included.

Color psychology is central to your office space’s interior design. However, it can be mindboggling to think that many offices have been built and designed without giving their color schemes much thought.

Find out the right colors that represent your business, and use it as a strict blueprint for decorating your office.

Consider using relaxing, organic hues to create a cozy environment that promotes communication. Colors such as white, green, and blue make your space cooler and wider, while exuding professionalism at the same time.

Cultivate a Green Vibe

Plants contribute to a sense of calm, relaxing, and well-thought out style. They also are easier on the eye. If that’s not reason enough, here’s one that will swing it: they greatly improve your office studio’s air quality in a pinch.

If this is not possible, you can go for a pocket garden outside the production areas so that employees have a green space to spend their breaks in.

Indoor plants also work as excellent zone dividers that help keep your office looking fresh, and relaxing to look at for your employees as well as clients.

Implement a Clear Desk Policy

Of course, this is easier said than done, but in essence it’s really simple. Just insist that your staff regularly clears the office of any clutter and other mess, and that they have their desks empty by the end of the day.

Handwritten signages such as hastily slapped-together sticky notes that litter and contribute to visual clutter should be removed as well. They make your office space look less spiffy and more chaotic. If your employees insist on retaining such notices due to their importance, have them print it out on clean sheets of paper.

Trust us – you’ll instantly see the difference in the aura it will bring.

Invest in the Right Furniture

People make your office go ’round, so it is their vibe that will determine what your office feels like to a client who may be doing an on-site meeting.

If you want to make your office a great place to work for employees, let your employees know it by investing in the right furniture and lighting. If they all seem miserable, then it’s probably not the image you want to show your clients. They will most probably act unprofessionally, if that were the case.

Consider putting up a lounge where your employees can relax. Adjust its amenities on your staff – you could put a mini bar, some foosball, or a video game console. Pretty much anything you think that can help them unwind, so their energy levels are up, and that they are lively.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, consider using ergonomic furniture – nothing will sap an employee of vim and vigor faster than having them work in uncomfortable conditions. There are a multitude of desks, focus rooms, ergonomic chairs and computer peripherals, as well as furniture that is designed for comfort, concentration, and productivity.

The latest trend in this respect are standing desks and adjustable sit-to-stand desks. The health benefits of these types of desks are proven in numeral studies, with back related and blood circulation benefits being the most noticeable wins. Standing desks also improve communication and collaboration in the workplace, not to mention team spirit – this is probably one of the reasons why standing desks translate positively to client impressions. People are generally impressed when visiting offices with standing desk layouts.

There are so many alternatives you can choose from that do not scream “boring” – and make your space look much more professional. After all, your greatest asset are your employees, and if you don’t invest in them, you’re bound to lose them…as well as their productivity and their professionalism.