6 Types of Businesses That Moved Online

Business that have moved online


Before the internet era, getting what you wanted from the comfort of your home was close to impossible. There was a time when people could not communicate with only one click. Since the internet appeared in our lives, more and more services started to become available online. Why? Because costs business costs are lower and it’s a lot more comfortable for people to search for anything online. Another not so obvious advantage of online services is that they offer privacy. More and more companies are subjected to the GDPR regulations, and websites started using trusted services of encryption.

We’ve made a list of six businesses that moved online, in order to keep track of the progress of the internet.

1.    E-commerce businesses

This is probably one of the biggest business that moved online. From clothes to furniture, from plants to food there’s nothing that you can’t purchase online nowadays. E-commerce websites only have to invest in online marketing in order to be successful.

Now, anyone can buy any kind of items they want with only one click and get them delivered to their door within a couple of days. An online store has many advantages: low maintenance costs, fewer employees and higher visibility. It’s profitable and quite easy to maintain. Nowadays you can purchase anything online, from high quality and expensive brands to average, affordable items. Most of the stores have free-return policies so if the customer is not satisfied with the product, it can easily be sent back.

The online shopping industry changed the world. There are now stores that you can only find online. We live in the speed era and everything must be done fast. Nobody wants to spend hours looking for items by walking to stores. Now, we can buy anything we want, with a click while we’re on the train, going home from a long day at work.

Another advantage of the online shops is that you can easily see reviews of the items you can purchase. Back in the no-internet era, people would usually ask their friends about their opinion on a certain product, but now, they can see the opinion of hundreds of buyers. Because of the reviews companies are forced to keep their products at an outstanding standard.

2.      Freelancing

Nowadays you can find someone to help you with any tasks online. There are many websites where people can offer/request services. It’s an easy way for employers to find quality workers that help them with their tasks. On freelancing websites, you can find experts in many fields that are looking up to making some extra money. There are some active freelancing websites that connect employers and employees. The contracts the parties make are protected with escrow, so both the employee and employer are safe from fraud. On these sites, you can find anything from data entry jobs to virtual assistants or specialized engineers.

Freelancing is an easier, legal way to find a specialist in certain fields. It’s a huge opportunity for people that like working from home, to find a quick easy job. It also provides freedom to both employees and employers. Both parties can end the contract at any time and start looking for something else. It’s a growing business that is now available because of the internet.

3.      Online divorce services

Did you know that you can now get a divorce online with the help of professionals? Instead of hiring a lawyer to help you with your divorce papers, you can now hire an online company to deal with the whole process. It’s a great way to get a cheap, easy divorce. There are many websites that offer assistance with the divorce process. Depending on the state you live in, you can contact the professionals and file for divorce in an easy, cheap way.

This is good news for most Americans that pay a huge amount of money to divorce attorneys. With the online divorce services, the process is a lot easier and it comes at a better price. The companies provide assistance with the case and will usually charge around $150-$400 for an easy case.

In order to get in touch with an online divorce company, you will have to register to their website and answer some basic questions. After that, they will contact you and ask further questions. If they decided to take your case, you will receive all the necessary forms and guidance to complete the divorce.

4.      Blogging and online journalism

Now any talented writer can have their own space on the internet where they can share their thoughts with the world. It’s a very easy way to make money by doing what you like. There’s a huge amount of blogs on the internet about any topic you can be interested in. It’s a business that requires little to no financial investment, however in order to have a successful blog one must invest a lot of time. In order to make money from blogging, one must have a high number of views, and so they must provide quality, interesting content.

Newspapers also moved online. Because of higher visibility, most newspapers have started investing a lot of money on their websites. Some freelancer journalists also started working on their own with the help of the internet. A lot of people stopped buying newspapers long ago but every morning they get their information from their phone. The companies make a profit even though nobody really buys newspapers anymore by selling adds space on their websites.

5.      Movie industry

Not long ago, if you wanted to see a movie you’d have to go to a store and buy it. Or maybe rent it from a specialized business or wait for a TV network to stream it. And if you watched the movie on TV then you had to wait through commercials. Nowadays, you can watch any movie you want online. Streaming platforms are growing and that’s good news. Netflix and HBO GO are the most popular platforms and they seem to have taken over. There are many people all over the world that have replaced their cable provider with online streaming services. One of the biggest advantages these giants have is that they do not have adds and have an impressive collection of movies.

6.      Online Casino

Another growing online business is the casino. There are live dealers that work for online casino companies. They usually work in a studio and they are trained to deal with numerous games. On an online casino’s website, you will find many rooms from which you can choose. From roulette to blackjack, there’s no game that you can’t find in an online casino anymore. Slots and bets are also available on these websites. We all know that live casinos use numerous psychological tricks to keep the clients inside, but now a player can decide exactly how much he’s going to play in front of his computer.


The internet has changed the world in many ways. Now you can get anything online from the e-commerce websites. There’s nothing you can’t do on the internet, really. You can play casino games with live dealers from your home, you can watch any movie you want at any time and even get help with the divorce papers from an online divorce company. If you’re short on money, you can always find a freelance job or start a blog on your own.

Online businesses have many advantages, they are cheaper to maintain than businesses that require a real headquarters and so they can offer more affordable prices to the customers. Also, because people can leave reviews on the websites of the services they are using, the companies that offer low-quality services will not be able to resist on the market for a long time.