Choose a Business VoIP Service Provider for your SMB Wisely – 7 Expert Tips

So, you own an SMB? Great!

In today’s idea-driven world, SMB’s have gained a special place. With less initial investment and more invocation, SMB’s are leading the way.   Though you may be rung your business on a small scale, you can’t overlook the value to have constant communication within and outside the organization as it is one of the chief factors behind the success of any business. That is where an online phone number comes into the picture.

VoIP phone numbers empower SMBs and increase their profit margin. With low-cost investment and maximum ROI, these are just the perfect thing for SMB. Moving to this cord-cutting technology trim down the call-cost, helps you build a responsive communication point for your business and strengthen your team.

One of the most notable influences of US virtual phone number on SMB is an area of improvised customer satisfaction. Small business can buy a toll-free number and help their customers to call them free of cost.  For example, if you buy a US Toll free Phone number with 800, 844 and 888 codes, your customers can call you around the clock without even paying a single penny for that call.

Toll-free call forwarding is also very important when you as an SMB seek to attend every single call and cater to the needs of every single customer. 

According to Global Telecommunications Ltd., which offers Saudi Arabia Toll Free Numbers:

“Once you decide to add a toll free number to your business, it stays with you forever, which means even if your business is relocating – you don’t need to lose that number!”

Dell was able to save whooping $ 39.5 million after switching to VoIP. If this teach-giant can save such a big amount by the intelligent implementation of VoIP phone numbers then why you should stay behind.  However, that doesn’t mean that very VoIP will do this for you. It can only be achieved if you have chosen just the right one for you. Learn from our 7 tips on how you can choose the best VoIP for your SMB and relish upon all these benefits:

  • Check whether your internet is VoIP ready or not

To run a VoIP, you need an internet connection. Thus, the very first step is to check whether your internet is VoIP ready or not. It is often found that people struggle hard to have a crystal clear conversation and blame the VoIP. However, the real culprit is the internet. Depending upon your concurrent call traffic, you need to have a different bandwidth.

For example, if your concurrent call rate is 5 in the day then minimum bandwidth requirement for VoIP is 500 Kbps Up and Down and 5 MBps up and down internet speed. If your internet is not that robust then no matter how good your VoIP service is you are going to have a tough time.

  • Understand the business requirement and pay attention to the features

Every small-scale business has different requirements. Some need to communicate within the organization more while others need to have a US virtual phone number to serve its customer better. So, understand what do you need and what the VoIP service provider is offering.

  • It should be worth each penny spent

Though toll-free number codes 800, 844 and so on allow your customers to call you for free, you need to pay for it. Every VoIP service provider will charge you for the online number and offer you some features like call transferring, toll-free call forwarding, call recording and so on. Before you pick the final one, make sure that the amount you are paying is totally worth full.

  • Look out for the after-sales services and training

The best service provider is the one that takes cares of its customer post-sale as well and it is totally true.  While you are choosing the VoIP service provider for your SMB don’t forget to pay attention to after-sales services. 30-day free guarantee, free installation, and training, transparent contract terms, and dedicated customer center are some of the after-sales services that one should look out for.

  • Third-party integration

It is not only the continuous communication that makes a business going. It demands a lot. CRM, sales & marketing and work-flow management are some other key operations. So, it is important that your chosen VoIP phone number should have third-party integrations.

  • Different plan offering

Your business requirements can be changed at any point in time. So, it is important your online number should be able to meet them all without fail. Choose the one VoIP Service Provider that offers different plans and easy portability.

  • A mobile app is a must-have

A mobile app is one such factor that can’t be ignored in today’s highly mobile world. Businesses of all sizes can have immense benefits from the great mobility that a mobile app of an online number offers. You can make or relevance calls from anywhere. So, pick the one that offers mobile app support for your US virtual phone number.

Success doesn’t come easily. You have to have the right tools and techniques. A VoIP phone number is one such tool that every business should have by its side.  Choose the one with the help of these tips and take your small business to new heights.