Headline – Why Businesses Need Cloud Backup Services in 2021

If your businesses information is important to you then cloud backup services is vital to avoid a disaster. Cloud backup services provide something that local networks can’t always promise, and that is reliability and security. We have seen a huge increase in Business IT Support for companies across London and the UK. These servers copy your businesses data to a remote cloud storage server that you have access to at any time.

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Having an external hard drive is no longer good enough, they are at high risk of being damaged or stolen which could be detrimental. Many businesses today have used the method of keeping their confidential information off-site on backups to avoid any instance where they are at risk of damage.

Some cloud backup services

Below are a few cloud backup services that could be helpful to your business:

IDrive Personal

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This is one of the best cloud storage services around that provides storage between either 5TB or 10TB. It is up to you to decide what amount of storage you feel that you may need. If you require additional help with storage systems, there are SharePoint Consultant Solutions available for businesses to make use of.

There are a few worth it pros that great about IDrive and they are fast uploud speeds, backs up mobile devices and free disk-shipping data transfer option. Security is their top priority which is why they also provide two factor authentication via email.


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If you are looking for the best value for money cloud storage services that Backblaze is perfect for you. This is one of the cheapest cloud backup solutions while also being one of the easiest to use. We’ve seen an increase in businesses using specialised IT Solutions, specifically IT Support for Estate Agents is one of the biggest areas we’ve seen growth in.

There are many cool features that Backblaze has to offer, such as the ability to retrieve the location of a stolen or lost computer through geolocating the Wi-Fi network it connects to. They provide a restore by mail feature that has crazy upload speeds to make things easier for you. They are not only cheap but also offer unlimited storage and a drive shipping policy.


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Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is one the most versatile online backup solutions around. They have a terrific desktop application with an awesome number of backup and security options. Their syncing and sharing options apply for mobile devices, external drives and social media backups.

Security is also their top priority as they have an antivirus software, ransomware protection and vulnerability scanner to ensure your information is as safe as possible. Their user interface is unique and modern but also simple enough for any user.

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