How businesses can reduce their electricity costs

Owning a business is tough these days; especially if you’re working in the restaurant or hospitality sectors. It’s important to find ways to cut back on expenses, and one key method is to save money on electricity.

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It’s easier than you think. Simply pay more attention to your energy bills, make some smart swaps with your appliances, and compare rates, and you could save hundreds of dollars a year.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Restaurants especially use high powered appliances all of the time. If your appliances are eating up undue amounts of electricity, you could be spending lots of extra money. Upgrade your appliances to energy saving models. Although you might have to spend a little bit more money initially, you will save in the long run. Energy efficient models can shave plenty off your electrical bills, and they are good for the planet too.

Use LED Bulbs

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LED bulbs are energy efficient models that burn far less electricity and work just as well. Businesses that employ plenty of fluorescent lighting will benefit from making the smart switch to LED bulbs. As with energy-efficient appliances, these bulbs are also very good for the environment and are a great way to save money on electricity.

Make Sure That Your Heating and Cooling Systems Are Working Properly

Dirty or inefficient heating and cooling systems can eat up a lot of energy. In addition to circulating less than fresh air, they also take a lot more power to run. Make sure that your systems are up to scratch by having them regularly cleaned and vetted. It’s a good idea to do this seasonally to really make sure that they are working well.

Use A Rate Comparison Tool to Determine Which Provider Is Cheapest

Knowing what the competition is charging for electricity is really half of the battle when it comes to getting a good rate on your energy bills. Use a rate comparison tool to determine what provider is thee cheapest, and then approach your current provider with this information. This leverage could allow you to bargain your bill down and save a little bit of extra money. Additionally, it will give you a good idea of what others are charging, so you can be armed with this information if you want to switch.

Go Digital

Restaurants use a lot of paper. Although we don’t often think about it, running devices like printers can eat up a lot of energy, not to mention the cost of the paper. Going digital can cut back on both your electric bill and your office supply costs. Many people prefer having their receipts emailed to them, or texted to their phones. Digital is the way of the future, so why not get a jump on it and start converting your systems today?

Your business can most likely save some money on your electric bills by following these simple steps. They will help you bottom line and the environment at the same time.

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