How Can Businesses Reduce Energy Costs?

Reduce energy costs - image 22Running a business is no easy feat; the cost of everything it takes to stay afloat like rent and salaries are quite high but what about energy consumption? Occasionally, business owners don’t take into consideration the cost of energy into running a business. However, with the price of energy consumption continuously rising, it’s time to take notice.

By using energy more efficiently, many businesses have managed to reduce their energy consumption drastically without it affecting their business negatively.

Below are a few tips on how your company can reduce energy costs.

Get An Energy Audit

Get an energy audit to determine how you can get cheap electricity. An audit can help you save on electricity consumption by advising you on ways you can increase energy efficiency, where exactly your bill is going and how actually to lower the cost of your bill.

Use Energy Efficient Equipment

Many appliances consume a lot of energy, but today, a lot of them are manufactured with energy efficient capabilities. Upgrade any of your old appliances like your printers, computers, refrigerators, heating and air conditioning units to new energy efficient ones. Be sure to also set the recommended power management option while they’re not in use because that’s one way it jacks up energy consumption.

Take Advantage of the Cloud

Eliminate the use of computer servers because they require a lot of cooling to save data. Utilize the cloud-based computing system and upload on it instead of the servers. A plus side to using the cloud is allowing your employees to telecommute as a way to save energy consumption in the office.

Shut Everything Off

This may seem like a no-brainer but you wouldn’t believe the amount of energy costs that can be reduced if any lights or equipment are shut off when not in use. Create an energy saving office culture by making it someone’s job to follow up on energy consumption and making sure everything is shut down for the night.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Consider changing your lighting units to much more efficient lighting bulbs, as the low wattage usage is actually long lasting and reduces your electrical usage. Compact fluorescent lights or LED light bulbs actually consume around 75% less energy than normal bulbs and they last longer.

Natural Lighting and Landscaping

Try to allow that sunshine in for as long as you can during the day. It will keep you warm during chilly days and will save you electricity consumption. You can also strategically plant trees around your building to shade it for the summer and act as a windbreaker in the winter.

Adjustments to Your Building

To keep your office less warm in the summer and less chilly in the winter, minor adjustments to the office building can help save you energy. Several window treatments can be installed to cut down heat like solar screen window shades, reflective window films and awnings. Make sure your walls are properly insulated as well to keep the heat out.

Save Your Energy

Being energy efficient will not only help the environment, but it will drastically reduce your energy bill. Consider also using renewable and alternative energy sources like solar power to help lower your energy consumption. You can also create an energy efficient culture by getting your employees involved as well. Not only will you save energy, you’re building a cooperative community.