Important Reasons to Buy Health Insurance at an Early Age

As we are progressing towards revolutionary medical and technological advancements, it has become more difficult to afford such expensive medications. Severe diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart strokes are inevitable and hence require high-quality and immediate medication to get treated. If we talk about surgical treatments and interventions, they are not accessible to all because of their unaffordable nature.

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The Optimum Solution

In order to get yourself covered against diverse types of diseases, you should go for a health insurance policy. There are ample of best health insurance plans in the market that would provide you a much-needed coverage against severe diseases. These health plans would be extremely beneficial for you as they would cover all your medical expenses that are incurred during the course of treatment.

The Right Time to Get yourself Covered

The need for seeking medical interventions can arrive at any time. Therefore, it is very essential to get yourself insured with the help of a health policy that would reduce and ease your monetary burden for seeking premium medication. Most people are not much aware of when to take up a medical plan for themselves. The sooner you get yourself medically covered through the medical insurance, the more benefits it would reap for you. Be an early bird and get yourself a medical plan at an early age.

Absolute Reasons to Buy Health Insurance:

Lesser premium

If you would take up a medical health plan at an early age, then the premium would be comparatively lesser. The reason behind this is that young people are more healthy than the elderly ones and aren’t at high risk of getting affected by any severe disease. That is why the premium for medical policies taken at an early age is reasonable. With the help of a health insurance premium calculator, one can easily gain sound knowledge regarding the policy premium.

More Coverage

The earlier you purchase health insurance, the more coverage you will get in terms of diseases and medical treatments. The simple logic behind this is that there are fewer chances of young people getting diagnosed with severe disease. That is why at the initial stage, you will get insured against the maximum number of diseases.

Validity Period

Generally, health insurance policies that are purchased at a young have a longer validity period. In some cases, the insured person gets an added benefit in the form of the lifetime-validity period for the purpose of seeking hassle-free medication from the top premier medical institutions of the county.

Waiting Period

Most of the medical policies come-up with a waiting period ranging from 30 to 90 days for availing the benefits and reimbursement of medical expenses. But in case of a policy taken at a young age, the waiting period is reduced to a great extent.

Tax Benefits

Who doesn’t want to save money by getting tax rebates? Yes, you have got it right. Purchasing a health plan at an early age would get you a tax rebate of up to ₹1,50,000 under Section 80(c) of the Income Tax Act for the purpose of payment of your health policy premium. Even the benefits availed by your loved ones are also entitled to get tax exemption under Section 10(10) D if the annual premium is less than or equal to 10% of the assured sum.

Pre-existing Disease Coverage

Generally, health insurance policies do not provide coverage for pre-existing diseases. But the policies taken at a young age provide optimum coverage for pre-existing diseases to the insurer. Apart from this, you are entitled to get several other resourceful benefits, such as reimbursement of pre- and post-hospitalization expenses.