Your Guide for Buying the Perfect Dental Chair


Buying the right dental chair is probably the most important step in ensuring that your dental practice operates smoothly. It is one of the most expensive items a dentist has to purchase, and is also often the first things a patient looks at when they walk into your place of work. Therefore, your dental chair is important both physical and psychologically.

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VIC dental, a  dental chair factory, produces many types of dental chairs. To make sure you buy the right one for your practice’s needs, you must carefully examine the features of each one. Your chair is designed to last for at least a decade. So, remember, it must have all the right features to satisfy for needs for a long time.

When gathering and analyzing data on a dental chair, you need to take into account three important factors:

  • Its design, i.e., do you like the look of it?
  • How functional is it, and its parts?
  • What about the extra accessories?

The Design of a Dental Chair

The overall design of the chair determines its comfort level as well as its aesthetic value. You need to take into account the following factors when looking at the design aspect of a dental chair.


Dentists should be able to tell by looking at the size of a chair whether it would suit their requirements and those of their patients.


The backrest needs to be wide enough and offer enough support for all types of patients. Some of them may be sitting or semi-lying there for quite a long time.


Is the headrest easy to adjust, and when you move it around, does it do want you want it to? Basically, you need to be sure that you can position your patient’s head so that you can work effectively while keeping them as comfortable as possible.

The Appearance

There is nothing more off-putting for a patient than walking into a dental practice and seeing an ugly, uninviting, and uncomfortable-looking chair that they will have to sit in. People like to see state-of-the art, quality equipment when they visit a health professional such as a doctor, dentist, physical therapist, etc.

Good dental chairs are ergonomically designed. We all think that ergonomics is just about designing and arranging workplaces. However, it also includes the design of devices and equipment for patients in a healthcare setting. The focus of ergonomics is safety and comfort.

In this case, two people need to be comfortable and safe. The patient and the dentist.

The Functionality

How efficient a dentist is, is largely determined by the functionality of their dental chair. Efficiency or productivity, in this context, are defined as both getting the job done right and as quickly as possible. A long and slow procedure that is made even slower because of a substandard dental chair is something no patient or dentist desires.

As is the case in most businesses, jobs, and other projects, time is money. The faster dentists can get things done well, the more they earn.

Delivery Unit

One of the most important aspects of the functionality of a dental chair is its delivery unit. There can be many types of delivery units ranging from traditional to continental. Some of them are installed on the side, while others are at the rear. Traditional delivery units consist of chair mounted systems. They save space and are easy to use. However, the continental delivery units offer much more control over the procedure and increase the dentist’s efficiency and productivity.

Another important aspect of a dental chair that affects its functionality is the control panel. Modern chairs now come equipped with touch screen control panels that have advanced features. They can help dentists work more effectively, accurately, and quickly.

The success of dental treatment largely depends on the position of the chair. So, it needs to be highly adjustable so that there is never any problem regarding having access to the inside of the patient’s mouth.

The first reclining chairs appeared in the 1800s. Since then, their design, appearance, and functionality have changed considerably. They now have, for example, the Trendelenburg position incorporated into the overall design to make it possible to handle medical emergencies in the clinic.

Some other aspects that make a dental chair more functional and more efficient include;

  • Smooth chair movements
  • Foot control
  • Ambient and task lighting
  • The assistant arm
  • X-ray viewer


Modern dental chairs today are designed to meet all the needs of dentists and their patients. The focus is not just on how nice, functional, and safe they are, but also their durability.


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