Buying Habits in Israel

What to expect when shopping in Israel. If you are on vacation or planning to move to Israel, you will encounter a new system of buying goods. In the state, you will experience orderly lines, patient and approachable cashiers, attentive store managers, and of course, calm shoppers.

A usual supermarket you can find in Israel will have at least 6 to 13 cashiers every day, wherein 3 to 4 cashiers will work in an interval schedule. This only proves why residents are relaxed when shopping because they have enough people to render services and cater to their needs.

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Now, if you plan to shop at any supermarket in Israel, here are some buying habits that you should expect;

  1. There will be an orderly line

Well, the usual orderly line in a shopping mall consists of 3 to 4 people at a time. But in Israel, it should only have two well-mannered shoppers allowed to patiently wait in the line for their turn.

  1. There’s an 8 item express check-out system.

On a typical 8 item express in a shopping mall from a different state will literally mean 8 individual items only. However, in Israel, what they do is check out items from 8 different categories.

  1. The cashier will try to up-sell and offer more items at the checkout

Unlike the supermarkets from other foreign countries that mind their own business, one of the cashier’s duties in Israel is to help the store obtain more sales. They do this by offering more products at the checkout and convince their shoppers to buy.

  1. You will pack your own groceries

In Israel, it is your responsibility to bag your own goods since there’s no one assigned to do so. This means tips in supermarkets in Israel are not very common.

  1. Online shopping is also preferred

Like most of the rest of the world, Israelis also like the convenience of online shopping. Consumers can see more options and variations just from their phones or computers, and they can also compare prices.

But before you go online shopping in Israel, it’s best to do your research too. There are shopping and pricing comparison sites like Ybay1 that can help you find some information about the products in Israel and even see some of the best deals around if you’re new and still unfamiliar in the city.

  1. They offer household delivery services too

Yup, they also have delivery services that you might find more convenient. However, most of the population in Israel does not have a good transportation service, so you will most likely spend around 25 shekels or $8 for a supermarket delivery.

  1. Different system of shopping hours. 

Previously, supermarkets in Israel are open Sundays through Fridays, but it’s usually closed on Tuesday. Plus, the supermarkets will be closed from 2 pm to 4 pm for their siesta time. This is why it is best for you to do shopping between 9 am to 10 am. Usually, supermarkets in Israel are not that busy, except on Fridays because it is most people’s shopping day where you will expect long queues and irritable shoppers.

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