Buying Ripple with your credit card made quick and easy: Here’s How

You may be interested in Ripple because of its efficiency and software solution that enables banks to rapidly settle international payments with end-to-end tracking. If the fiat banking system were to adopt Ripple’s blockchain, all money transfers would become cheap.

buying ripple image 22222222Here’s how to buy XRP with credit card

1. CoinSwitch

This Indian based cryptocurrency exchange has the largest reservoir of crypto coins and supports more than 300 coins. You can buy XRP with your Mastercard or Visa credit card within seconds on the site.

There are no hidden fees, the verification process is quite easy and you get 24×7 support. The first transaction purchase limit is from $50-$10,000, daily limit is upto $20,000 and the monthly limit is $50,000. All you need to get started is a Bitcoin address. You can purchase BTC and then exchange it on the site for the best rates to XRP.

2. Changelly

You can use your credit card on Changelly to buy XRP. The base commission is high but there is no extra fee for using a credit card. Plus, you can also use the exchange to convert BTC to XRP or XRP to BTC once you make the purchase. Apart from the 0.5% commission fee, the network fee is 0.000012 XRP.

Getting onto the site is very straight forward. You can use a social media account for your basic information or an email address to sign up. Once you create your account, you can start purchasing Ripple. The buy limit for every transaction is $200.


This currency exchange is for professional traders. It offers a variety of trading tools like margin trading, real time charts and limit order functionality. There is a variable transaction fee as well as a fee for using the respective credit card. Similar to Changelly, you can use a social media account or your email address to sign up.

You will need to create an account, fill out your card details and get it verified to purchase XRP. It is only available in certain states of US so make sure you read up on it before trying to make any transactions.

4. Bitstamp

This European exchange is also available in a ton of US states. The fee structure for credit cards to buy XRP is very similar to Without verification, you will not be able to purchase XRP.

There are more exchanges that let you purchase Ripple with a credit card but not all of them are legitimate.

To spot a fishy exchange, always stay alert. Do your homework and check reliable news sites dedicated to cryptocurrency to see if the exchange was ever hacked. You can also take to Reddit or other platforms to find out from other people their honest take on the site.

A little background on Ripple

This project runs on computers owned by banks, remittance services, exchange houses, and money transmitters. There is no mining involved in Ripple. The ledger is maintained by the computers of large organizations. Because of this, it is much faster than Bitcoin and requires far less computing power.

How does Ripple work?

Banks use Ripple to conduct fast and cheap money transfers. If all the banks adopt Ripple, money transfer around the globe will become dirt cheap.

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