Checklist to Know the Tips on Buying a Second-Hand Two-Wheeler

In a highly populated country like India, it is not surprising that there is too much traffic on our congested urban roads. It is extremely difficult to travel from one place to another without being surrounded by masses of vehicles of various sizes!

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Commuting by public transport is economical but, it is always convenient to own a vehicle, be it a car or a two-wheeler. Some may choose to buy a second-hand vehicle to save on money. This could be a wise choice as long as you remember that there are certain documents required to purchase them. It is essential while executing the vehicle sale and the transfer of ownership, to get all the documents to legally own the vehicle and obtain the Transfer Vehicle Registration Certificate (TVRC).

Required documents for sale / purchase of second-hand two-wheelers:

  • Valid address and ID proof

Aadhar Card, PAN number, or Driving license of both the buyer and the seller.

  • The original Registration Certificate (RC)

This is a document to prove the registration of the two-wheeler. One must check if the details given about the vehicle and the current owner are accurate.

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)

The seller must submit this certificate to the RTO to assure that they have no objection to selling the car.

  • Form 30

This form is to confirm the transfer of the vehicle ownership. The duplicates must be submitted to the RTO.

  • Sales Receipt

This receipt is a documented proof that the owner has sold his vehicle.

  • Road Tax certificate

This is required to show that the taxes have been paid by the owner and there are no dues.

  • Transaction Documents
    • Engine number
    • Chassis number
    • Registration number
    • Name, address, and ID number of both the buyer and the seller

One would have to make a sale agreement or a sales transaction receipt with the vehicle owner. The papers would have to be executed or notarized on a stamp paper.  A delivery note must be issued to state that you have taken the physical delivery of the two-wheeler from the owner.

  • Pollution certificate

Pollution Under Control (PUC) document is mandatory for all vehicles so, make sure that these papers are intact.

  • Insurance Certificate

The RTO does not register a vehicle that does not have insurance. One must get the policy document and details about all the premiums paid until that period, from the owner.

Is insurance required for a second-hand vehicle?

The answer is yes, no matter whether the vehicle is new or second-hand, one must always get their vehicle insured. While transferring ownership of the two-wheeler, one would also possess insurance papers of the policy the first owner was paying for.

Two-wheeler insurance renewal

In case the old policy is coming to an end, one can opt for a two-wheeler insurance renewal and either update details about the existing policy to the insurer or buy a new plan that is most suitable.

Buying a second-hand two-wheeler involves a lot of paperwork but, it is mandatory and it is best to be sure of all the documents to avoid being cheated and avoid any problems. It is also mandatory to have insurance papers ready. Whether it is to buy a new policy or renew an existing one, everything is available online.

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