What Do You Need to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps are very essential in industries and companies. In the case of excess gases and air, the equipment should be helpful. But, what makes a good vacuum pump? You may wonder how to identify and acquire the best vacuum pumps. The idea of having a good vacuum pump depends on various factors.

These factors might guide you in the right direction whenever you stranded and you want to get a good vacuum pump. Some of the most important things you will have to look at are elaborate below;

Type of the vacuum pump

There are five types of vacuum pumps which serve different purposes according to the kind of vacuum that you might need. Let us take a look at the two major vacuum pumps and their differences. The people from Provac Sales Inc. have written information on all types of vacuum pumps. The technology that is used to create the vacuums can also matter for various purposes. These types also differ in price and you might want to go with the affordable one.

  • Rotary vane vacuum pump-These vacuum pumps are very effective and can be used in water samples and solvents with high boiling points. They majorly use oil in its mode of operation and can trap gases and air easily. Change of oil is the major maintenance service required.
  • Diaphragm vacuum pump-These vacuum pumps are effective with acidic, corrosive and viscous samples. They can be good when used in volatile chemicals. They are not used with oil and most are referred to as dry pumps. The level of the vacuum is way lower than that of the rotary vane vacuum pump. N/B: The rest of the types include; liquid ring, scroll, and turbomolecular vacuum pumps.
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Most machines are very locomotive. Most parts of these machines need a lot of lubrication for efficiency. The vacuum pumps are not an exception in this and some of the types require a lot of lubrication especially the oil-based ones.

Lubrication reduces resistance in operation. Lubrication requires certain types of vacuum pumps that require oil in operation such as the rotary vacuum pump. These types of pumps are very efficient and last longer. They are also cheaper than dry vacuum pumps. The only disadvantage is that they require high levels of maintenance, especially the change of oil.

Sample compatibility

The other factor to consider while choosing a vacuum pump is the chemical used. How adaptable is your vacuum pump to the chemicals used? Rotary vane vacuum pumps are compatible with water samples and high boiling point solutions. Diaphragm vacuum pumps are compatible with corrosive samples, acidic and vicious ones.

The liquid ring vacuum pump is compatible with liquids, solid particles, highly explosive samples, and vapors. A scroll vacuum pump is compatible with only liquid or gaseous samples. The turbomolecular vacuum pump is compatible with liquid and gaseous samples only used in the laboratories. It is very important for you to identify the right pump for the right sample.

Flow rate

The amount of time that a pump takes to drain gases and air is also very important to consider. The rate might be fast or slow according to the type of vacuum pump you choose to use. The pumping speed highly determines the flow rate of any vacuum pump you choose. The flow rate and performance of various pumps differ although you are supposed to consult upon purchasing on the level of the flow rate of your pump.

If your pump will have a high speed for draining these gases, air, and vapor, then automatically the time taken for draining these products will be less. It is your choice to choose from the various types above and determine which pumps fit your requirements first before you finally pick on speed and flow rate.

Price and maintenance cost

The cost of purchasing these vacuum pumps varies with the type. The oil-based vacuum pumps might be cheaper than the dry pumps. You need to look at your budget and buy an affordable pump. The cost of maintaining these pumps matters. Oil-based pumps need extra care and maintenance than dry pumps. The cost of purchasing a rotary vane vacuum pump is cheaper than the cost of purchasing turbo molecular vacuum pump that is way expensive and delicate to use.

Maintenance refers to how much it costs in time and money to keep something in good working condition.

Final Verdict

Vacuum pumps are sensitive equipment that needs caution when purchasing. It is advisable to consider these important points whenever you want to have one. The service obtained from these machines will depend on your choice. A good choice will give you a durable pump that will serve you long and satisfy your needs fully. It is almost certain that if you consider the above factors, you are capable of making the right choice.