Buying Weed Online: A Guide on Online Cannabis Dispensaries in Canada

Cannabis has been legal throughout Canada for some time now, but some consumers might find the rules and regulations around purchasing it confusing. There are so many avenues to indulge yourself, with dispensaries popping up everywhere—even online! Knowing the laws in your particular province is one thing, but how about in the digital space? Are you allowed to buy weed from online dispensaries in Canada? And, by extension, does that mean you can get it delivered straight to your door? Here are some things to consider if you are curious about mail-order marijuana.

Is buying cannabis online legal?

The short answer? Yes! Buying your buds from online dispensaries in Canada is legal as long as they are a legitimate retailer. A lot of pages pop up if you are searching for places to buy weed online, but it is important to make sure you are dealing with someone who operates within the regulations of your area! While most provinces offer weed delivery services, some do not. You also need to make sure you meet the legal age requirement for your province and have the proper I.D to purchase cannabis online.

There are a few things that Public Safety Canada suggests that you look for to ensure you are buying cannabis products from reputable authorized online retailers.

  • Age verification
  • Cannabis products have the correct cannabis symbol and mandatory heal warnings on child-resistant packaging.
  • The excise stamp: a maple leaf symbol that comes in different colors for each province and territory
  • Authorized retailers only accept Major credit cards and debit for cannabis purchases.
  • Major credit cards and debit are the only forms of payment accepted when you make your purchase through an online retailer.

Making sure an online dispensary checks all these boxes ensures that you will have a safely regulated product and keep you in line with the regulations on adult-use cannabis in your area. It will also keep you safe from possible identity theft or fraud.

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