Can I Sell a Car Without Title?

In the city of Chicago, there are many ways to sell a vehicle when you do not have a property title. However, it will not always be the best or the most profitable option. There is more than one option to do this and the alternatives range from filing for a duplicate of the property title or passing through the sale of the car to a junker among others.

Many people wonder where they can sell their junk my car, It is important to understand when you are selling a used car that there are different ways of making the sale in order to get rid of our car when we no longer want it to be part of our heritage. Still, all these alternatives are reduced when we do not have the title of the property that accredits us as the owners of the vehicle to be able to sell it.

When we try to sell a car without its respective title, this task can become somewhat complicated. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to achieve, only that it must be borne in mind that not much money will be obtained from the sale, therefore undoubtedly, it will always be a better option to seek by other means to obtain the corresponding title.

  • If you want to sell the car without having a property title, the most recommended alternative is to locate a junker near your town, in the city of Chicago there are several, you have to choose the one that suits you best.
  • In this type of company, it is often not necessary to present a property title, since cars are bought under the concept of scrap metal, which usually applies to those vehicles that are not in good condition.
  • But without a doubt, you must have at least a document that tells the company that the vehicle belongs to the seller and that it is not a stolen vehicle.
  • The disadvantage will always be that the money received in exchange for the vehicle will be very little.

How to sell a car without a title?

Most people feel the need to get rid of the old vehicle because the property is causing them more inconvenience than expected. That is why they are looking for an alternative to achieve the objective. When they do not have the title of owning the car, this is the easy method to get some cash for cars buyer, it is good to go to a junker who check your junk vehicle and pays for it.

  • The first thing to do is to go to a company that purchases junk vehicles.
  • The question of not having any title and whether there is the possibility of buying it without any problem should be raised before the staff.
  • If so, you must follow a series of procedures indicated by the company.
  • You must also present any document that accredits you as the owner of the vehicle; many times, the driver’s license will be necessary.

Other alternatives

Not have a property title and want to sell the vehicle and obtain a significant remuneration for it, different alternatives can be carried out in the city of Chicago, and you only have to select which is the best option for you, so carefully study the following options.

Request a duplicate

  • You must consider that the requirements to obtain a duplicate will vary from one state to another.
  • It is advisable to go to the DMV offices of the city of Chicago to verify the requirements and the steps to follow so that they immediately grant you the duplicate of the vehicle title.
  • In another case, a request for replacement of the certificate of title can be made at an office near your town; this alternative applies for when you plan to sell the vehicle to a new buyer using state forms so that they are responsible for transferring the car to the new owner.
  • Under this concept, it is required to make an affidavit, to have filled out a form with the application and to comply with a series of requirements established by the state office.

When the bank has the title

  • If you have a financed vehicle, but under this circumstance, you want to sell, you must go to the bank to consult with the steps to follow to sell the car.
  • In these cases, it is probably due and under the bank’s policy to make all the remaining payment of the financing, or it is stipulated that the debt will be canceled at the time of selling the vehicle, in this way, the bank agrees to deliver the property title to that the purchase and sale proceed.
  • Although in these conditions, the title will always be committed to an intermediary, which often lowers the value of the vehicle considerably.

Selling for cash

  • It is the easiest and fastest option but the least lucrative.
  • This option applies to companies that dedicate their services to the purchase of junk vehicles.
  • For not having a property title, the vehicle will be considered junk and will be paid as such, regardless of the state it has, and it will only be able to obtain about $ 300 in the best case.

Donate it

  • If all the other proposals presented, none convinces you or you are unable to materialize any of those options. There will always be the alternative of donating your vehicle; that is if your objective is to get rid of the car.
  • This option is not lucrative, but it’s quite useful, also, that you can deduct taxes from this somewhat altruistic option.
  • You should contact the charity of your choice and ask them about the particular case of the vehicle and the absence of a property title.
  • These organizations will be in charge of verifying the vehicle documentation with the state DMV offices to confirm that there are no illegal cars, in addition to making sure that there are no fees or charges to pay.
  • To achieve the donation, only a sworn statement and the corresponding notarized signatures will be needed.

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