Can Weed Cause Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones as a disease is not a very uncommon condition. A lot of people suffer from it and can definitely confirm how painful it can be. Just like that, even the treatments followed to cure the condition are not very alien but can be either a little on the expensive side or not much reliable.

In a similar way, medical marijuana is not an alien subject either. People are finally getting aware of the medicinal properties of the plant and are increasingly shifting from traditional treatment options to marijuana. However, it still may sound a little weird but we actually believe that marijuana could be a reliable treatment for kidney stones.

Plot twist: What if we tell you that the same treatment can also be the reason behind developing the condition? Sounds a little off, doesn’t it? Well, we highly suggest you continue reading this article to find the complete truth.

Link Between Weed and Kidney Stones

Saying that weed causes or can cause kidney stones wouldn’t be completely incorrect but there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration. Weed and kidney stones can be linked for both positive as well as negative reasons. While weed has the potential to alleviate the symptoms of kidney stones, research has found that people who were exposed to smoke had more risk of suffering from kidney stones disease than those who weren’t exposed to the same.

However, this research is based on the side effects of secondhand smoking in general and not the smoke produced by the combustion of weed. Which suggests that weed may not be responsible for the increased risk percentage. But we simply cannot ignore this information and neglect the side effects of smoking weed or being exposed to weed smoke. Keeping in mind that smoking weed is one of the most preferred consumption methods among recreational as well as medical marijuana users, being unbiased in our approach and disclosing all facts is crucial.

Does Weed Help With Kidney Stones?

As aforementioned, cannabis is positively associated with kidney stones as well. So, the short answer to the question, “Does Weed Help With Kidney Stones?” shall be a perfect yes. Even though the research is limited regarding the effects and benefits of marijuana for kidney stones patients, there are still some eligible studies that suggest cannabis can be an effective medication for kidney stones as it can help manage the symptoms of the disease.

We believe you all are already familiar with the basics of both cannabis and kidney stones so we shall directly dive into the subject of how cannabis can be helpful in treating kidney stones. Common symptoms of kidney stones disease include severe pain, nausea, vomiting, and blood in urine.

Cannabis is known for its therapeutic, anti-inflammatory properties and majorly for its effects on pain and nausea. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the reason for the medical condition for which medical marijuana acquired the hype and is most used for is chronic pain. It can certainly help a kidney stone patient by simply reducing the pain and nausea but it isn’t restricted to just that. The risk factors that are often considered the causes of kidney stones can be cured by cannabis consumption too. 

These risk factors include inappropriate diet and lifestyle, obesity, and a history with inflammatory bowel disease. Cannabis has a cannabinoid called THC which is known to stimulate appetite and can help the individual get on track with a better, balanced, and nutritious diet. Simultaneously, another cannabinoid, CBD, is known for instigating weight loss. 

Moreover, cannabis is identified as one of the reliable treatments for inflammatory bowel disease as well.

All these effects and properties of cannabis can prove to be beneficial in both treating as well as preventing kidney stones disease.

Which Consumption Method Shall Work Best?

Since ‘weed smoke’ is said to be a potential reason and risk factor for developing kidney stones disease, smoking medical marijuana shall not be a suitable option for medical marijuana consumers. Ingestion is considered the second most preferred consumption method as it is discreet, easy to consume, and has long lasting effects. One can choose to have marijuana infused gummies, cookies, oil, butter, brownies, chocolates, hashish infused brownies, and even CBD infused oil and other products.

For treating pain in a specific part of the body, a patient can choose to apply marijuana infused creams as well. As it won’t enter the bloodstream and hence may not show on the drug test.

Is It Safe to Consume Marijuana as a Kidney Stones Patient?

It is believed that CBD without THC is not likely to have negative effects but marijuana shall contain a significant quantity of the cannabinoid. As marijuana is going to get metabolized by the liver enzymes just like other drugs and medications, marijuana has the potential to interact with other medications. This can create huge problems for the patient as even a minor reaction shall have the potential to majorly affect the kidney. 

This makes it even more important to first consult a doctor and take proper advice before diving into the treatment. Moreover, there is least to no space for a wrong product. Investing in an unsuitable or inferior quality product can prove to be extremely expensive and we haven’t even begun talking about money.

A contaminated bud, presence of any unreliable and inconsistent ingredients or allergens can worsen the condition.

It is safe, yes! But one has to be a little more cautious than they normally are, while consuming marijuana as a medication for kidney related diseases and disorders. 

Final Thoughts

There is no denying the fact that smoking weed can have side effects. Not only can it be detrimental for a consumer’s overall health, targeting their lungs; it can also be the very cause of kidney stones. At the same time, other modes of consumption can still prove to be beneficial for patients. 

Cannabis edibles or consumables accessed from dispensaries with a medical marijuana card can help sort the situation out. Not only will these cannabis products help alleviate symptoms of the disease, they can also be a reliable treatment for the condition. 

However, since the kidney is a very important and sensitive organ, we highly prefer consulting a reliable nephrologist and a medical marijuana doctor prior to trying any sort of treatment. This shall help you avoid any side effects and repercussions possible.

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