Cannabis Has Become a Hit in the Epidemic

Cannabis has become a hit - vvv 39939993Right now, we are living at a time when many industries are being hit hard due to the various lockdowns in place throughout the country and in various parts of the world. Most areas affected by the Coronavirus epidemic have strict rules in places that only allow essential businesses to stay open, like pharmacies, grocery stores, and other similar establishments. This has put a massive economic strain on these businesses. Not cannabis and CBD oil stores, though. Why is that?

What Do You Do In Lockdown?

Perhaps the most obvious and biggest reason for the noted spike in CBD oil and other vaping products during March occurred because people were worried, they were going to be in a lockdown situation. Facing confinement to their homes, and only being allowed to leave for very specific reasons to prevent the spread of the disease, meant people were stockpiling up on essentials.

While toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soap and non-perishables were all items that seemed to sell out quickly in stores, many people were stockpiling in other products too. Like CBD oil. There are many reasons for this, including


People being stuck inside all day, will get bored very easily and need something to pass the time away. CBD oil and other vapes are the perfect way for many to while away the hours. Especially if they have a lot of Netflix and streaming network TV watching to do.

Help with Anxiety

It’s a very trying time, not just on the medical services and so-called key workers, during this epidemic, but emotionally and psychologically on everyone. CBD oil and medical marijuana have for a long time been the popular choice of many people looking for relief from stress and anxiety, so it makes perfect sense that sales of these products would increase during these worrying and scary times.

Underlying Medical Conditions

The phrase “underlying health conditions has been something of a buzzword along with the likes of “social distancing” and “self-isolation” since the coronavirus outbreak. People who have pre-existing health problems are considered higher risk than those who are relatively healthy and not in an at-danger age group.

Because of this, a lot of people have likely been stocking up on their CBD oil and other vaping products to help treat their pre-existing conditions, as they have been doing before the pandemic hit.

Cannabis has become a hit - 3993999bb3It Might Not Be Able to Last

The problem is that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the spike in sales, companies have not been able to keep up the stock required to meet the demand of their customers. For example, according to the information provided by the Vape4Ever Store, many dab pens and wax pens are currently in short supply due to the surge in sales and the sudden decline in production.

A lot of this comes down to the fact that as many countries have restrictions on businesses, vape shops and other retailers that sell these products are not getting the supplies they need. Whether they get their stock from overseas from countries like China or other parts of the US, there has been a definite impact. This is unfortunate, as the recent boom in sales was a real coup for the industry.

Only time will tell how quickly the pandemic can be dealt with, and how effective the direction to “stay at home” will be in the long run. Hopefully, as the virus is controlled better, the restrictions in place across the country and world will be relaxed so that businesses in the vape retail industry can survive.


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