Cannabis: Is It A Good Investment Or Not?

The progression of cannabis laws has left many people wondering if it’s an industry worth investing in. Many states have made a considerable amount of money by legalizing marijuana and creating state and county laws for medicinal and recreational use. For example, many big name companies are taking part in cannabis in an effort to join the excitement of the major steps in the research and legalization of medicinal marijuana. As one of the largest cannabis company’s in the industry, Tiray had initial shares on the NASDAQ of $17 a share, but today they have gone up nearly 7 times as much as the industry has begun to boom.

Early Investment News In Cannabis

Early cannabis investments created a long list of stock options. In fact, many big name business brands, celebrities, and individual stock holders have taken an interest in the industry while making considerable investments. Early cannabis investments were dependent on the future outlook of marijuana. For instance, back in 2015 the Investors Business Daily online, estimated that the recreational cannabis industry could reach an estimated $4.30 billion in 2019. There was a realization that marijuana could replace sleep aids, pain medication, and alcohol consumption, which makes it a profitable future investment.

Present Cannabis Investment News

Today, many businesses are investing in cannabis as a huge profit and are seeing great returns. The U.S. market has made way for many international investors. On recent cannabis news, Northern Swan has invested $8M into the European Medical Cannabis Distributor and Wholesaler Cansativa, according to New Cannabis Ventures online. This is creating a demand for technology and services which is also good news for the cannabis investment industry. Other companies have been able to raise millions in an effort to establish a presence in the cannabis industry. Thus, investing is cannabis is a great business proposition with huge returns.

Where To Invest In Cannabis:

– Medicinal research

– Delivery services

– Business stocks

– Private Investors

– Edibles

– Food/Drink manufactures

– Recreational distributors

– Cultivation

As you can see, there will be several areas to invest in cannabis that have already been a very profitable network. As an investor, you should do research on the most profitable networks to get the most out of your money. Like any other investment, there will be risks and rewards. For example, investing in a private company may be the most difficult investment to consider putting your money into and expecting a profit.

Investors will have to decide whether to put their investment on the recreational or medical industry. However, both industries have begun to soar and make a profit in the cannabis network. Public investments provide a great deal of transparency that will benefit many investors. Regulation laws might also impact your investment and should be carefully considered. Federal laws will have the greatest impact on the regulation of cannabis. At the present time, lab testing and branding are offering the best opportunities for investors. Testing will determine the energy of the investment industry, allowing marketers to take a strong foothold in the cannabis industry.