Types of Car Accident Injuries and Potential Symptoms

If you are involved in a car crash, you are likely to sustain injuries. The injuries sustained could vary from physical to and nonphysical. You can quickly notice the physical injuries since the wounds are visible. The physical injuries will affect each system of the body in a different way, such as a change in the level of consciousness after sustaining a head injury.

The non-physical injuries, on the other hand, will alter your behaviors, mood, and sleep patterns. Filing a car accident-related lawsuit will require you to document the type of injury sustained. It is also highly advisable that you seek the assistance of a reliable Brandon car accident lawyer for advice and guidance throughout the process.

Here are a few types of car accident injuries and their symptoms.

Head Injuries

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This is among the most common form of car accident injury. If you suffer a severe head injury, you are likely to lose your life or sustain long term complications such as a coma. You are termed to have sustained a head injury after exhibiting altered consciousness or a skull fracture after the accident.

Minor head injuries are characterized by a range of symptoms such as lacerations, abrasions, or headaches. You are required to seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of the symptoms for further checkup. If you get head injuries, a neurologic assessment by a neurosurgeon will ensure that you get managed appropriately.

Abdominal Injuries

Abdominal injuries can either be penetrative or blunt. The blunt injuries do not penetrate your abdominal cavity; hence the injuries are superficial. You sustain penetrative abdominal injuries when internal organs such as the liver, spleen, or kidneys are bruised. In the case of a penetrative abdominal injury, you may notice some signs such as active bleeding with exposure of the viscera to the external environment.

After sustaining abdominal injuries, it will be essential for you to seek advice from a general surgeon on the best ways to manage your condition. The general surgeon might recommend taking a focused sonographic test or a computed tomography scan to assess the extent of the damage before coming up with a management plan.

Back Injuries

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Back injuries make you prone to spinal injuries. Back injuries may be minor or severe, depending on the amount of pressure exerted on your spine. This could result in spinal cord damage, which is essential in the relay of nerve impulses.

With spinal injuries, you will experience features such as back pains, incontinence, and paralysis. The neurologist will request you to take a magnetic resonance imaging test to assess the damage attained at the back and institute a treatment plan.

Broken Limbs

You are likely to get fractures when you sustain limb injuries. With this, you are likely to have a fracture if your limbs are swollen, tender, and unable to use the affected limb. You need to seek medical attention and take an exam to rule out the presence of fractures when exhibiting the above symptoms. The orthopedic surgeons will be best suited in handling broken limbs and will use an x-ray of the affected limbs to formulate the management.

Non-Physical Injuries

Accidents leave you with psychological scars. After an accident, you may experience flashback spells, anxiety, or nightmares. The symptoms will go a long way in altering your mood, sleep, and behavioral patterns. A psychiatrist will help you cope with the nonphysical injuries.


You are likely to get injuries in various parts of the body after a car accident. You should pursue a medical practitioner’s opinion or a specialist wherever you are involved in an accident. The medical practitioner will formulate your treatment on time, and this prevents further complications. You need to seek advice from a Brandon car accident lawyer to file a suit that is in line with the type of injuries sustained.

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