Spray Paint Guns for Car Painting! What are HVLP Paint Guns and why are they useful?

Imagine having your car scrapped in several places, with the paint peeling off, that’s unsightly, isn’t it? Then having to deal with the trouble of taking it to the coachbuilder and bearing the costs. An alternative could be purchasing a paint gun, more or less professional, to do-it-yourself and obtain the results you want. Imagine the satisfaction of having done manual work yourself. For more information about the top automotive paint gun on the market, you can check out Tucson Street Car.

Here we will talk about what paint guns are and why they are useful. Before the purchase, as for anything else, it is necessary to make the right assessments. Depending on the budget available and the intended use of the spray gun, there are different aspects to consider.

The first thing is, without a doubt, the length and width of the jet. The price also increases, therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the actual use of the instrument. Another aspect to consider is the mode. Depending on the type of nozzle, it can be painted with horizontal, vertical, or circular spray. The best models are those with HVLP technology (high volume at low pressure), which avoid the dispersion of sprays during work.

Finally, the weight and convenience of the spray gun should be considered. Many might think that this may not be as important to consider, but in reality, it is very important to take these characteristics into account. The instrument must be light (with a full tank) and easy to hold so that the work is precise and you don’t get tired so easily.

If you are thinking of opening a car painting business or working on home projects, there are several factors that you must consider when purchasing a hvlp spray gun. So here are some effective reviews and guide on the Toolblaze website that can help you paint your car like a professional.

What is a paint gun?

Since they appeared in the 1900s, their design has evolved. It is a gun that mixes the paint with pressurized air, expelling small drops of paint at high speed on a surface, producing the spray effect.

What is an HVLP paint gun?

Designed for the professional user, HVLP paint spray guns are an ideal paint spray equipment to use in touch-ups, finishing jobs, for painting automobiles and any detailed application where high precision and speed are required. It will give you a perfectly smooth finish.

Why is this type of paint gun ideal? Because each of the working conditions of these devices provides a benefit:

  • High volume: this means that a greater volume of paint comes out of the gun nozzle and impacts the surface to be painted.
  • Low pressure: this means that the atomization of the paint is reduced, which results in less overspray, less waste, and less contamination.

If we combine these characteristics, the result is a professional finish at a lower cost of painting.

For the renovation of automobile paint

For car spray painting, HVLP sprayers have replaced the alternatives on the market and have become the best tool for automotive paint and sheet metal workshops. They can be used to spread the base coat in the renovation of the original paint, as well as being used for the color coat and the clear or varnish coat.

Also, these guns are more suitable than other options because the clear coat does not need to be polished. And while the HVLP sprayer is intended for professionals, DIY enthusiasts can also use it to renew their car’s paint in the home garage.

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