Car Safety Tips How to Avoid Accidents

Car safety - avoid accidents image 12112Can you remember the first time you drove a car? There’s so much excitement and anticipation that first time, yet later, it becomes second nature. Driving is fun, if you come to like it, and owning a car means you don’t have to suffer from the troubles of daily commute. Still, owning a car is also a responsibility, and the more you drive, the more you’re going to need to be aware of that responsibility. Driving safely and following basic safety protocols is never a waste of time, for your life and that of those around you might one day depend on it. These are basic car safety tips you need to keep in mind to avoid accidents.


A little obvious, you might think, but not really. Plenty of people overlook the importance of wearing their seatbelts, especially when it comes to shorter rides. You find yourself thinking, is it really worth it to put on a seatbelt for a 10-minute car ride? The answer is always yes, because you never know what will happen out there. Stats show that over 15,000 lives a year are saved because drivers have their seatbelts on, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Seatbelt - avoid accidents image 4333Avoid distractions

Yes, that involves texting! In fact, texting is more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol! Studies show that drivers are more likely to get into an accident if they’re texting while driving, even more so than doing it drunk –– that doesn’t mean you should drive after 10 beers, though. Houston is a state that suffers from many car accidents, even on a daily basis! According to stats, hundreds of accidents happen on Houston roads every day! Some of these car accidents are on the account of pure negligence from other drivers, like those running red lights or those texting while driving, which can be very dangerous as shown above. This is why in these cases, you need to hire a lawyer to sue for damages incurred, and it’s your right to do so.

Car maintenance

Your car needs regular maintenance to avoid any sudden breakdowns. You need to have your tires regularly checked and inflated, the oil changed, and the brakes always in good condition, among other things. It’s very dangerous to be driving at high speeds only to discover something isn’t working properly or your brakes won’t slow the car down. This is why you have to have the car regularly checked.

No need to multitask

Can’t the food really wait for a few minutes till you’re done driving? It definitely can, and so could all other things you’re doing while in your car. Try to postpone phone calls, makeup, changing your shirts, and all sorts of distracting activities while you’re driving because there’s a good chance it might not end so well.

Expect the worst

A pro tip on how to stay safe in your car and avoid accidents: expect the unexpected. That means that, even when it’s a red light on the other side and green on yours, watch out for runners who’re trying to speed their way past the lights. It also means to always look both ways when driving past an intersection in case someone’s going where they’re not supposed to be going. And always be wary of cyclists and people on pedestrians because they tend to pop up where you least expect them.