Carbon Steel Valve Industry Size – Industrial Valve Market Analysis

Well, isn’t it a peril when you are about to start off in a new marketplace but don’t really have the data to help you out? Or worse, there’s so much data you don’t know which one to emphasize. 

Worry not, we understand the dilemma and that is exactly why in this article we are discussing the Carbon Steel Valve Industry Size, or more specifically presenting you with market analysis in easier terms. 

We’ll look at the summary of a very useful data set, talk about recent trends in the industry, and also present our end of the market prediction up to 2030. So, get on reading, folks!

Data Summary

According to research conducted by Allied Market Research, the steel valve industry is supposed to grow exponentially through the latter 5 years of the decade. By the year 2028, the market size is expected to reach $93,664.9 million which is almost twice the number from the statistics of 2020. Double the growth in 8 years is something to commend the marketplace for. 

This specifically fast-growing market is empowered and charged by the need for one-way valves in industries such as food and beverage, oil, wastewater management etc. Any industry that has to do with flow control can be tapped into as a means of growth for industrial valves

The latest development in the industry would be the growing need and demand for quality one-way valves in Eastern countries. The post-covid economy looks much different than what we knew in 2019. Countries like China, Japan, Thailand, etc have recognized and captured the growing nature of the Steel valve industry.

There is a significant rise in the need for Steel valves in those countries that excel in manpower and industrial labor.

Recent Trends of The Steel Valve Market

In general, the largest consumer of Steel valves was the oil and gas industry. They benefit from upstream and downstream valves similarly. Countries that attribute to global use and accumulation of oil and gas saw a big rise in numbers as per the import of Steel vales during the last few years. And the trend is likely to continue ahead.

Throughout the pandemic, the lockdown aided in the shutting down of many big manufacturers in big-name countries. This shifted the flow of production towards the European nations and China. This is something that we do not see changing any time soon.

Bigger, more developed countries may take up the lead in the production of Steel valves but the industry will still largely be dependent on the European and Chinese production as a whole.

As per materials, Alloy-based valves seem to dominate the market as of now. However, Steel valves are safer and more reasonable to use, and more and more industries are adapting to them faster than ever. Soon, we can expect steel valves to be the leading choice across the industries.

Forecast of the Steel Valve Industry

With the technologies around the industries moving ever so efficiently, the stainless steel valve industry is slated to benefit largely from artificial intelligence-based mechanisms. Many world-class flow control equipment manufacturers are investing in AI to help them minimize the expenses of equipment failure.

By the end of the decade, a large part of the industry will move towards automated valves and AI technologies that remotely monitor the health and quality of the equipment. These technologies will help monitor changes and the implementation of newer mechanisms of production.

The Asia Pacific excluding Japan is going to be dominating the market in terms of production of flow control equipment up to 42%. The rapid urbanization in countries like India is a big attribution to this rapid development.

In a broader sense, rapid urbanization means more plantations to deliver gas and water to rural areas, bigger industry establishments, and eventually the imminent need for more flow controlling equipment. Valves are an inseparable part of flow control and any industry in general. This will increase the use and need for valves and similar equipment in developing countries more than ever.

During the forecast period, this will be a big denominator in the increase in demand for valve production across the globe.


Well, there you have it. Everything you needed to know about the steel valve industry to get you a smooth transition into the marketplace. Recognize the gap in the market and how you can proceed to bridge it, tap into your regional and global markets gradually. 

Armed with the right data and a concise understanding of the ins and outs of the market, you will be a force to be reckoned with. 

Obviously, make sure you forward and discuss important industry-related content with your entire team so that you can formulate your own ideas for tackling the nuanced issues of the ever-growing industries. 

If you have your own predictions about the market, share them with us all. And, we’ll leave you with that. Good luck!

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