What Cases Do Employment Lawyers Take On?

Employment lawyers are specialists in resolving workplace disputes in favor of their clients. Injustice in the workplace is surprisingly common, and workers are entitled under UK law to seek compensation for any injustice they may have borne the brunt of. Here are some of the kinds of cases typically taken on by an employment lawyer.

Bullying and Harassment

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Bullying and harassment are, unfortunately, still commonplace in many companies. Bullying can take many forms, from exclusion to physical harm. In cases where bosses are deemed to have bullied staff members, financial settlements can often be reached. Groups like Robsols employment solicitors Cardiff take on cases in which employees feel as if bullying contributed to their suffering at work or dismissal from it.

Racial Discrimination

Employees are protected against racial discrimination at work under UK law, but this does not mean that discrimination has disappeared entirely. Employment lawyers work with people who have been unfairly dismissed or bullied due to their background. Until racism is kicked out of the UK workplace, these cases will continue to be pursued.

Sexual Discrimination

Similarly, the protection of Women’s rights in the workplace by law has not eradicated discrimination in practice. Women still get paid less on average than men and are far more likely to be on the receiving end of sexual harassment. Employment lawyers frequently take on cases related to sexual harassment and discrimination.

Unfair Termination

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There are very clear laws that determine what constitutes an unfair dismissal in the United Kingdom. Although HR departments try extremely hard to stay within these legal guidelines, unfair terminations do take place regularly. If you believe that you have been unfairly dismissed from a role, you need to contact a qualified solicitor.

Holiday Pay Disputes

Almost all workers with contracts are entitled to 5.6 weeks of paid holiday time in the United Kingdom. Some unscrupulous companies find ways around their obligations – forcing workers to take an unpaid holiday or threatening them with dismissal if they take the holiday that they are legally entitled to. Employment lawyers frequently take on cases involving workers that have been denied their paid holiday allowance.

Wage Theft

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Wage theft is an incredibly serious and devastating thing. This offense does not always take the form of a straightforward theft of money. It can involve the unfair withholding of funds, the failure to pay for rest breaks, the docking of pay for disciplinary reasons, and deductions for the cost of uniforms and equipment.

According to the Tribune, various forms of wage theft in the United Kingdom amounted to 35 billion pounds in 2019 alone. Wage theft can be incredibly difficult to challenge in the workplace due to the hierarchical power structures that keep companies operating. It can be very hard to call out your boss for stealing when your job may rest upon how you entertain your boss. Employment lawyers can take on wage theft cases in a fair and structured fashion – hopefully negating interpersonal conflict between workers and their bosses.