Casino Marketing: How to Become a Casino Influencer in 2022

Casino marketing is a vast niche, with nearly 3000 sites supporting and promoting online gambling. There are more than 55 000 new casino marketing jobs listed in the USA on LinkedIn. Influencers take a big part in the marketing process- mainly playing online slots (the most played ones being Book of Dead, Money Train, and Razor Shark, Buffalo online pokies, 50 Lions), blackjack, or baccarat. Online casino industry statistics show the demand and relevance of such games.

Who is a Casino Influencer?

Casino Influencers are famous online personalities working for casinos. They have a big follower count and often come from different corners of the Internet. They advertise gambling by streaming it, making YouTube videos, or posting about it on social media. Casinos pay them to play their online slots real money games, and in return, they encourage their enormous viewer base to play on the websites themselves. Their earnings can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, a significant portion of which is invested back into their casino deposits. One such person is TrainwrecksTV, a well-known Twitch streamer with almost 34 000 active subs. He typically deposits more than one hundred thousand dollars, all of which is spent during one stream. Other examples of Casino Influencers include:

  • Brian Christopher Slots. A YouTuber with almost half a million subscribers. He plays in both online pokies and real-life casinos. His videos usually focus on one specific free pokies, and currently, he has over 3000 such videos. They can reach millions of views, with his most viewed video having been watched 3M times. It is estimated that he earns up to $36K only via YouTube and much more via partnerships and advertisements. You can see many reviews of online pokies Australia real money no deposit.
  • Albert’s Slot Machines. Another slotter influencer on YouTube. He has over 65 thousand subscribers and 1,435 videos uploaded. His videos have a combined view count of 38.5 million. He earns about a thousand dollars a month only from YouTube. His content is focused on real-life gambling, with free online pokies appearing rarely. But despite this, you can see a lot of reviews of online pokies real money.
  • Lady Luck HQ. A gambling channel on YouTube run by a couple. They have over 200K subscribers and 1,419 videos on their channel. Their collective view count has surpassed 100M, while the videos take place in Las Vegas and other places in the USA. It is estimated that they can earn up to 26$ monthly from YouTube.
  • Big Cat. A member of the PardonMyTake channel on Twitch. In the past, he was a better sport.
  • VanessaSelbst. A former professional poker player. She has a Twitch channel with 4.8k followers where she streams online poker. She has earned over 11.8M $ in live poker tournaments during her career. She was a member of Team Pokerstars Pro.

How Do Gambling Influencers Make Money?

Influencers go into partnerships and advertisement programs to cooperate with the gambling industry. They can also profit via donations and other forms of fan support. To monetize your channel on YouTube, you need to turn on ads for your videos or go into a partnership program with the site. On Twitch, you can earn by accepting fan subscriptions, bits and donations, running ads, or going into partnership with Amazon. Here’s how to make money by:

  • Referral links. A method of earning best executed on Twitch streaming platform. Popular streamers play slots online during their streams, with the link to the slot displayed somewhere in their overlay. Upon seeing their favorite streamer play the slot, viewers will want to join the site themselves, thus generating more money for the slot producer. Referral links are a part of that- they are a particular type of invitation link, which will give both them and the streamer something extra upon being used by the viewers. This method is the most promising because it benefits both the new player and the influencer advertising the game.
  • Sponsorship. This way of earning money works by having the gambling company supply influencers with money that they can spend to play their slot more and bet more significant stakes. It allows the streamer to play the game and win cash and for the producer to have their game appear more attractive. These sponsorships also include partnership deals, requiring influencers to only play games from this specific provider. They could even include branded t-shirts, logos, and such. The amount of money earned by this method is unknown, although it is speculated to be in the thousands in the case of more giant streamers.
  • Donations. The most popular method is both on Twitch and YouTube. Donates are an entirely voluntary way of supporting the content creator viewers like. The donator sets their value, ranging from a couple of dollars to thousands of dollars. More popular influencers get hundreds of donations per stream, with weights not less than 5$ each. Streamers earn on average 4000$ per month from streams if they do it regularly. This way is attractive to viewers because it gives them a way to stand out from the other viewer base and get some attention from the streamer.

How to Start Online Casino Marketing

Being a casino influencer is hard, especially considering the number of contestants in this niche. To make it to the top, you need something to make you stand out. Charisma, the gift of persuasion, knowledge, and charm will be necessary. You also need to be full of energy and always ready to work. Finding your quirks and oddities will be essential to give you the individuality needed to be seen. Good equipment is the most important- cameras, computers, phones, and microphones are only some of the examples of the things you’ll need to invest in.

Make a Gambling Niche Research

In every marketing campaign, the first step is always research- regardless of the niche. You need to be sure that you know everything about the service you advertise, and it is essential in gambling. The state of gambling legality is an ever-changing topic, with different laws applying in other parts of the world. In the US, for example, gambling is legal with some restrictions, and every state is free to implement its regulations. It’s legal in Canada, too- as long as the government supervises it. Similar rules apply to gambling in England, Australia, and New Zealand.

  1. Know your product – Before advertising any slot, play it out for free in its demo version, learn about its mechanics, bonuses, statistics, etc. Learn the pros and cons of every slot, what to aim for and what to avoid. Tell all of it to your viewers- it’ll make their experience be much better and make them more likely to stick to the game.
  2. Find out what platform allows you to make reviews of gambling – Not every site approves of gambling marketing, and not every gambling site is willing to get reviewed. Review the Terms of Service of the site you’re using to promote your service and search for possible gambling regulations.
  3. Learn from the best – choose 10 best-earning gambling influencers and analyze them. See what games they advertise, what software and hardware they use, what language they use in their videos. Try to copy their ways of promoting themselves. Study the success of different advertising media and find the best one for yourself.
  4. Choose your market – pick a country you want to advertise your products in, and get to know the casinos in it. Each country has a different gambling culture and heritage, so learning the differences is essential.
  5. Know your target audience – Being aware of your audience is key to getting your advertisements through. It enables you to choose the right platform, slots, and language to use in your promotion videos. For example, the average viewer on TikTok will be much younger than on Twitch. tv, resulting in different games appearing more attractive to them. Gender differences play a role, too, with men and women searching for other things in gambling. You’ll need to take into consideration these variables:
  • Age. Younger people will have lesser money to gamble with and lesser freedom. They’ll prefer flashy, vibrant slots instead of older people, who will seek value, complex numbers, and overall better-paying slots over the colorful ones.
  • Country. Gambling regulations play a crucial part. The country’s state of the economy is also essential, as it’ll dictate people’s average incomes. Culture might be influential too, with cultural differences making people more or less likely to spend money on gambling.
  • Gender. Men and women seek a different type of experience when gambling. Like in everyday life, the inherited differences between men and women will show themselves when looking for a slot to play.
  • Habits. Tied to the culture mentioned above and individual experiences and the environment. Find out whether your audience is composed of people prone to gambling or more conservative towards it. Figure out how much they value gambling compared to other forms of entertainment and what they tend to be looking for in games.

Casino Influencer: Make a Brand of Yourself

Personal branding is a marketing strategy that relies on building reputation and increasing your value on the market by upgrading your image. A personal brand is its goal- it’s a widely-recognized way of perceiving an individual through his experiences, skills, and achievements. It’s a crucial step in making yourself successful as a gambling influencer. It helps you appear credible and trustworthy, and it makes you stand out from the crowd. To create one for yourself, you need to take care of:

  • Appearance – establish who you are and who you want to be seen. Figure out what you like and dislike, what you believe in, and what you value the most. It’s essential to stay consistent with these values to create a solid external picture of yourself. Make sure to point out your most prominent positive characteristics and skills relevant to your marketing niche. Try to make yourself look as credible and unique as possible without exaggerating anything.
  • Behavior – point out how you act as a marketer and an influencer. Establish the goals you aspire to achieve, and explain how you’re trying to achieve them. Be sure to include your uniqueness- focus on the things that differentiate your way of behaving from other peoples’. Try to represent these ways as visibly as you can to let people know that it is real.
  • Unique Selling Propositions – what makes you different from other influencers in the sense of advertising. What, in your opinion, makes you the best one on the market. In such a highly competitive environment, making yourself unique is the only way to be seen. Implement rare, extraordinary skills you possess and find ways to use them in advertising.

Choose The Gambling Game

The next step of becoming a casino influencer is choosing the content you’ll be making. If you want to market a single category of casino games, you’ll make a solid name for yourself in that specific niche. You’ll also develop more robust contracts within it. However, you’ll take the risk of being dependent on only one category, which might lose its popularity on a whim. If you choose to do content about everything, your income will be much more stable. On the other hand, you won’t be able to focus on any game by itself, and you won’t be known for any of them. Below are some of the casino games being shown on YouTube:

  • Online Slots are the most popular ones, with the videos’ winnings being abnormally large for the slot. Each player can try the best online pokies with bonuses and special features.
  • Video Poker is less popular, videos are typically about a group of YouTubers playing together. The winnings are average.
  • Online Roulette is not that popular, but with much bigger wins. The same type of videos as online slots, showing mainly the wins.
  • Blackjack is as popular as online slots, but with more variety in the wins and losses.
  • Baccarat is the same as blackjack, with similar winnings and popularity.

Content Plan For Casino Blog

Consistency is crucial for writing a successful blog. It helps viewers create a routine, and it makes the blog solid. To stay consistent, it’s advised to make a content plan for your blog. Write down your goals and content for the month. You can use simple tools such as excel or your calendar, or more advanced ones like Mediatool or Bulbshare. A content plan should have the following elements:

Casino Streaming on Twitch

Streaming casino games allow you to interact with your viewers in real-time. It enables you to receive donations and subscriptions, as well as play slots for hours at once. You can also create a streaming overlay with links leading to your play slots. The most known streaming sites used to advertise gambling are and YouTube Live. Platforms to stream on and YouTube live play are equally popular, and their audience is similar. Picking either one is a matter of preference, and the earnings are the same. They both approve gambling advertisements and offer multiple tools, such as overlays or donations, to make it easier.

Services or Programs for Streaming

The most available streaming services include Lightstream, vMix, and XSplit. They all offer high quality streaming with lots of settings; however, they’re all paid. The best free alternative is OBS Studio. It works on Windows, macOS, and Linux, allowing you to save the video in different formats, such as FLV or MP4.

  • Content plan. A good stream requires a list of content to go off of. Create alternative content options and observe their popularity, then act accordingly. If a form of entertainment isn’t sticking with the viewers- change it. If something pleases your audience- expand on it. However, remember to be open for improv and surprises- they are what make streams exciting and fun.
  • Livestream schedule. Establish a consistent schedule of live streams. It will not only help you prepare for your stream, but it will set a routine for your viewers, which will increase your follower count. Try to be mindful of the days when you’re busy, accessible, energetic, or unproductive, and create a schedule around that. It will help maximize the content and value of your streams.
  • High quality equipment. Essential gear required for good streaming includes cameras, an efficient PC, a microphone, and streaming software. It’s recommended to have soundproofing foam in your studio, as well as good lighting and AC’s. They will keep the audio and video quality high, as well as make you comfortable in your streaming room.
  • Moderators. Necessary for keeping order in your chat, helping with fan interactions, and much more. At the start, you’ll do most of the moderating yourself, but you’ll be able to employ more and more people to do the job for you with time. Be sure to use trustworthy people that genuinely want to keep your stream in good shape.

Build Your Audience: Promote Channel

Influencers are nothing without their followers. They are the customers and the receivers of your content. Therefore, it’s important to keep a good connection between yourself and them at all times. You should always try to increase your base of followers by expanding your reach and content into new areas. However, growing your amount of viewers comes to the risk of straying from your original niche- always be mindful of that. Here are some tips to successfully promote your channel:

  • Use the right keywords and hashtags to find out what keywords people use, what phrases they search. Implement them in your videos to make them appear more frequently.
  • Use the proper titles– make your titles catchy, short, attention-grabbing, and to the point. The point of titles is to catch the attention of the viewers. Try to avoid clickbait.
  • Use Social Networking Platforms, they will enable you to reach out to your audience and cooperate with them. It will also grab the attention of people using these platforms frequently. These platforms include Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
  • Talk to your followers, communicate with them during streams, encourage commenting, start discussions. Keeping your viewer base included in your life will benefit your popularity.
  • Follower contests are a form of sparking interest in your followers. They have giveaways, talent shows, etc. They will help you direct the attention of your viewers towards the advertised product.
  • Use analytical tools, they’re crucial for keeping you up to date with your progress. The most popular tool for YouTubers is Socialblade.

Cooperate With Other Gambling  Influencers

Proper networking and cooperation allow you to seek help from other successful influencers, widen your reach and use them as examples for yourself. It is a win-win situation, where both parties always come out with a profit. There are many ways of such cooperation, like shared streams, hosting, appearing as a guest in videos, or doing events together. Working with others enables you to:

  • Increase your visibility, by cooperating with influencers from other niches. You’ll expand your viewer base and allow new people to join. It will increase your number of followers and give your fans something new to be interested in.
  • Sharing your experience, working together allows you to exchange knowledge with other, more experienced influencers and brainstorm and come up with new exciting forms of content.
  • Open sponsorship opportunities, other gambling influencers have ties with other companies, which you can go into sponsorships with. They can also introduce you to new profitable marketing niches.
  • Seek motivation and inspiration for new ideas, seeing others’ work will positively affect your motivation and allow you to come up with new ways of entertaining your audience.